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Top 7 Reasons to use 3rd Party IT Maintenance


3rd party IT maintenanceAs it is with your car, home, or yes even your body, maintenance is a necessary requirement to keep things running and performing in tiptop shape, and computers are no different.  Without regular maintenance, over time things begin to wear out, run down, or sag where there once was (sigh) such firmness.  Since the dawn of computing, companies have looked to outside help to simply maintain their equipment. 

In the early days of computing, one vendor usually supplied all your system needs and therefore, system maintenance and field support didn’t seem to matter much. But, with the evolution of computers, the advent of plug-compatible equipment, and the proliferation of mixed-vendors systems – the end-user could no longer rely on a single source for system maintenance and support.  With this evolution came a sudden influx of better systems, at competitive prices, that truly fit end-user needs.  The problem was that with each new system came a new maintenance contract, which quickly became a headache for many system managers. 

At first, the only option for maintenance and support was to use the service organizations of each manufacturer, which quickly lead to some major problems.  All though these manufacturers were putting out great products, they were not set up to provide national and certainly not international support.  This created a huge problem for manufacturers and they needed to find a way to support their end-users.  The solution came in the form of Alternative Vendors and 3rd party maintenance was born. 

3rd party maintenance allowed users to manage all their systems under one contract from one source.  It also allowed small manufacturers an immediate national field service network with onsite service, parts management and even flexible service level agreements.  But what are the reasons for using 3rd party maintainers today?

Here’s a list of the seven top reasons to consider third party maintenance:

  1. “End of support.”  When it comes down to it, often times your equipment keeps running long after the manufacturer has decided to stop supporting it.   But, that’s no reason to kick it to the curb. In all honesty, this has little to do with the viability of those products but a lot to do with generating OEM profits.  Third party maintenance affords you the opportunity to continue using your equipment long after it’s gone EOL.
  2. OEM maintenance is expensive.   OEMs make up to 80-90 percent PROFIT on maintenance and when about IT maintenance 40% of companies indicated it was the biggest pain point for budgets.
  3. OEM’s outsourcing overseas has reduced Manufacturer’s service level.
  4. Simple contract management and support. 3rd party maintainers can maintain all your equipment under one easy contract.  Unlike OEM support staff, they are cross trained on all OEM equipment.
  5. Co-terminus ads and deletes. For example, Cisco does not allow co-terminus additions of equipment and deletions for discontinued equipment during the annual contract on a prorated basis, every time you add a new switch you are buying a new one-year contract.  What’s worse,  when you discontinue a product you are stuck paying for maintenance you don’t use.
  6. Payment Options.  Several OEMs require annual payment up front and while this may not be a bad thing if they were giving an annual discount a monthly payment ensures you are only paying for services used and not also for unused service on obsolete equipment that is only obsolete in the eyes of the OEM.
  7. Flexibility.   The larger the company the less flexible they become.  OEMs can’t be as flexible as 3rd party maintainers, and customers want the right to go to anyone for support and maintenance.

So, whether your budget is bulging a little around the middle, or you’d just like to polish up your rusty equipment, 3rd party maintenance is an invaluable resource for you.  When it comes to IT maintenance it doesn’t matter whether the economy is booming or it's down in the dumps, finding ways to save money are critical for a company's long-term survival.   And just as it’s unlikely that you’re going to toss your house to the curb after 5 years because your paint’s looking a little dusty, there’s no need to go through exuberant expenses to upgrade your hard working equipment.  Keeping IT equipment past the manufacturer's warranty date and using third party maintenance providers to service and maintain it can greatly reduce both expenditures and high monthly maintenance charges.

If you would like to explore the evolution of third party maintenance, where the industry stands in terms of helping customers meet the demands of today’s dynamic markets, why the value prop for 3rd party maintenance is so compelling for governments, and what is being done for engaging federal agencies to adopt third parties as trusted vendors sign up to watch our recorded webinar.

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