The Georgia Tech Move

The data center move team at XSi discusses the most rececent service for Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

8 Assurances of any HPC Data Center Relocation

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Click here to download Datacenter Consolidation Case Study

A Trusted Provider of IT Technologies, IT Service Management, and IT Professional Services Since 1990

In business since 1990, XS International, Inc. (XSi) is a U.S. Federal Contractor (with security clearance personnel), State, Local, Universities and Commercial provider of information technologies including High Performance Computer Clusters (HPC) Systems, Enterprise Servers and Networking, IT service management and professional services.

XSi’s Data Center Consolidation & Virtualization Solutions

As power, management, and administration costs continue to rise, data center consolidation and relocation remains an ongoing project, integral to managing IT department expenses. In fact, Forrester Research predicted that enterprises consolidated and virtualized 45% of their servers in 2009.

XSi lowers your overall operational and maintenance costs as much as 40% with our Data Center Consolidation and Relocation services.

data center consolidation chart

IDC, Transforming the Datacenter: Consolidation, Pervasive Virtualization, and Energy Optimization, #DR2009_T4_MB, March 2009

XSi consolidates your data center for less:

The OEM solutions for high-performance and enterprise data center equipment relocation and consolidation, like their solutions to almost everything else, are expensive. Luckily, XSi specializes in providing services faster and better than the competition, for 20 to 40% less.

Our technical staff builds super computers from components, has experience with proprietary UNIX systems including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and IRIX, as well as Linux and Windows. Since we also maintain installations of Sun/Oracle, HP, IBM, SGI, Cray, and Dell systems, along with EMC, HDS storage, and Cisco equipment, our staff understands how to configure, administrate, and fix hardware in the field.

The benefits of our Data Center and Relocation services include:

  • OEM certifications
  • Flexible scheduling – including nights and weekends to ensure uptime
  • Planning, de-installation, packing, short-term storage, transportation and re-installation services
  • Extensive experience with super computers and proprietary enterprise equipment
  • On-site configuration, system administration and break-fix capabilities
  • Computer manufacturing, custom cabling, labeling and management
  • Years of experience working in mission-critical production environments
  • Expertise with network cabling including Infiniband, Fibre, PCI Express, etc.
  • Ability to sell and upgrade equipment prior to re-installation
  • On-site data wiping and disk destruction services
  • IT asset disposition services for obsolete legacy equipment

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