Holistic Maintenance Program

We revolutionized an archaic, siloed and OEM policy driven approach to maintaining IT assets. XSi's Holistic Maintenance Model model was developed by network and supply chain experts. We examine the lifecycle of IT assets, and determine which models are best kept under OEM maintenance,  those best in a hybrid model with our services backed by OEM escallation and models that simply don't require any OEM assistance, and are best maintained under Third Party Services.

We analyzed technical support and changed it for the better.

XSi takes a customer focused agnostic view on maintenance. Products go through a lifecyle and during that lifecyle, different providers than the OEM may offer better solutions for maintenance. Examining this "Product Maintenance Lifecyle" is the key to optimizing true support requirements vs. costs. XSi could just provide OEM maintenance, but specializes in a Holistic offering that also includes a Hybrid Maintenance and Third-party Maintenance Support (TPM).



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