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OEM Dependency

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A Trusted Provider of IT Technologies, IT Service Management, and IT Professional Services Since 1990

In business since 1990, XS International, Inc. (XSi) is a U.S. Federal Contractor (with security clearance personnel), State, Local, Universities and Commercial provider of information technologies including High Performance Computer Clusters (HPC) Systems, Enterprise Servers and Networking, IT service management and professional services.

XSi Independent Multivendor Maintenance:

XSi is an industry leading Independent Multi-Vendor Maintenance Provider for Enterprise Networking Equipment, Servers, High-Performance Computers and Storage. XSi has built its reputation of performance history over the last 24 years and supports over 1,250,000 assets for 1100 customers worldwide including 40 U.S. Federal Agencies, all 20 of the largest U.S. Federal Prime Contractors and 15 of top 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Our customers have verified that we provide faster and better service than the OEM. Let us describe to you why.

Essentials of Independent Maintenance to consider:

  • Independent maintenance provides a great opportunity to lower costs - up to 50% less than the OEM's price.
  • Faster response times - OEMs outsource their call centers, technical assistance centers, RMA processing, field support and depot repair. Tier 1 and Tier 2 technicians are book trained and often overseas. With Independents you reach qualified engineers faster and on the first call.improve service levels
  • Improve service levels - Due to outsourcing, most end-users now rate OEM's service levels as poor. Independents are local and more nimble and rate excellent in performance.
  • Multi-vendor support - OEM technicians service the products they manufacture. Third-party engineers are also certified in the OEM products and also hold certifications in other products that connect to the OEMs.
  • Single point of contact and single contract - Independents can provide one contract for all OEMs, even if you choose the OEMs service on certain products. Something OEMs can't and won't do.
  • Continue using equipment long after EOL - Often your equipment keeps running long after the manufacturer has decided to stop support it - that's no reason to kick it to the curb. Independents maintain hardware and it's operating systems at least 5 years longer than the OEM.describe the image
  • Independent maintainers also offer software support - Some third party maintainers provide technical support for the OEM operating system with continued legal access to all the available updates, upgrades and firmware for these operating systems.

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