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OEM Dependency

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A Trusted Provider of IT Technologies, IT Service Management, and IT Professional Services Since 1990

In business since 1990, XS International, Inc. (XSi) is a U.S. Federal Contractor (with security clearance personnel), State, Local, Universities and Commercial provider of information technologies including High Performance Computer Clusters (HPC) Systems, Enterprise Servers and Networking, IT service management and professional services.

XSi AdvancedTAC™ & Multivendor Maintenance:

With an estimated worldwide spend of $94 billion per year on hardware support alone plus software maintenance seemingly escalating every year, it’s no wonder why federal agencies, corporations and colleges have targeted annual software and hardware maintenance costs as ripe areas in which to reduce spending.

But, there is more savings available, then simply negotiating a better deal with OEMs on annual costs.

Procurement’s time is valuable, but in today’s current state has to deal with:XSi Maintenance   Technical

  • Multiple support contracts
  • Different contract start & termination dates
  • Multiple prime contractors
  • Rigorous management oversight in order to prevent lapses in coverage

Technical teams lose valuable work hours when dealing with:describe the image

  • Multiple contracts, serial numbers, and support lines
  • Manufacturer support degradation due to outsourcing and other cost reduction measures
  • Lack of cross-vendor support results in longer time to resolution for complex problems
  • Increasing frustration over inability to reach the right resource on the first call

Financially, organizations have to deal with:describe the image

  • Manufacturer maintenance costs rising 10-15% annually
  • Enterprise maintenance agreements have become vehicles for manufacturer “lock-in”
  • Extremely high internal personnel costs for contract management

XSi solves these issues by providing a simplified, customer-friendly solution for the Procurement and Technical teams while significantly reducing O&M expense for Finance.

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