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XSi's Blended IT Maintenance Support for F5 Networks® Equipment

XSi provides 3rd Party Maintenance Support on F5 Networks® equipment. Our value added benefits and services include:

  • Contract flexibilites (such as co-terminus adds and deletes in a prorated manager during POP)
  • Simple contract management with all support under a single agreement for multiple OEMs, multiple SLAs and Global Support
  • Payment flexibilities (such as monthly payments in arrears)
  • Hardware and Software support beyond F5® EOL/EOS
  • Cost reductions over F5’s® deepest discounts
  • U.S. based Tier 1 to Tier 3 Technical Assistance Center
  • Tier 4 escalation to the OEM if necessary
  • Support on OEM “branded” F5® products
  • Ability to procure support maintenance via our GSA schedule
  • Customer tailored reporting
  • Depot Repairs on most F5® hardwaref5 networks viprion 4480
  • Support for F5® Hardware including:
    • F5 VIPRION® Hardware
    • F5 BIG-IP® Hardware
    • F5 BIG-IP® Appliances
    • F5 ARX® Series Hardware
    • F5 ARX® Series Appliances
    • FirePass® Hardware
    • BI-IP® Appliances
    • Enterprise Manager Hardware
  • Better response time on popular F5® 24x7x4 and F5® 8x5xnbd support

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XSi's Technical Assistance Center:

  • Staffed with over 325 Network Engineers
  • Provides 24/7 global phone support
  • Multilingual
  • Manages worldwide depots for advanced OEM part replacement
  • An product depot repair center
  • Comprised of Multiple Facilities for Redundancy

Obtaining a quote is easy! Request a Quote and Simply Provide:

  1. Itemized list of F5® model #'s or F5’s® support part numbers
  2. SLA required for each model # (can mix and we match F5® Network’s SLAs)
  3. Start and End dates for each model #
  4. City, State & Country for each
  5. Email this list to for a Quote!
Note: XS International is a competitor to F5 Networks® and is not affiliated with them. We feel we can provide better service at a more affordable price.


GSA schedule resized 600

To become another one of XSi's happy clients, and to find out how our Brocade maintenance services can benefit your organization, contact us for a consultation today.