New & Refurbished Cisco Hardware & Equipment

Our Cisco goods and services are supported by our team of Cisco Authorized Partners. The result is a network of relationships allowing us to provide new, remanufactured and refurbished Cisco goods and services. We can also provide OEM SMARTnet® along side our custom alternative to Cisco SMARTnet®, often under the same contract. Both Cisco products and services are available on our GSA Schedule.

And we do it for up to 40% less than the competition, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

XSi has 10 years of experience with Cisco equipment and, as a former Cisco Business Partner, we understand the ins-and-outs of working with Cisco. XSi is now an independent reseller of Cisco products and also provides an alternative to Cisco SMARTnet®.

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Cisco Products we sell:

Other Cisco Products:

Cisco Interfaces and Modules | Cisco Security Products | Cisco Storage Networking | Cisco Unified Computing | Cisco Access Servers | Cisco Voice Gateways | Cisco Wireless

XSi also carries a full inventory previous (EOL) Cisco Models including: 

Cisco Routers:    Cisco 10000, OSR-7609, 7576, 7513, 7507-MX, 7505, 7400, 7206, 7204, 7202, 7200, 6400 4000, 3745, 3725, 3700, 3661, 3660, 3640, 3631, 3620, 3600, 3000, 2691, 2651XM, 2651, 2650XM, 2650, 2621XM, 2621, 2620, 2613, 2612, 2611XM, 2611, 2610XM, 2610, 2600 and 2500 Series

Cisco Switches:  Cisco 8500, 6509, 6506, 6503, 6500, 6000,, 5500, 5000, 4200, 4000, 3900, 3750G, 2750, 3500 XL, 3500, 2970, 2950T, 2950G, 2900, 2800, 2600, 2100, 1900 Series      


Benefits of buying Cisco equipment from XSi:

  • Thousands of Cisco products and services available on XSi’s GSA schedule
  • Improved supply and reduced cost of end-of-life Cisco equipment
  • IT Asset Recovery services to store and remarket your Cisco equipment
  • Reasonable rates for relocating Cisco equipment
  • Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet® or OEM Cisco SMARTnet® on equipment we sell
  • Savings on legacy Cisco equipment
  • Installation services on all Cisco equipment
  • Thoroughly tested and refurbished equipment
  • Extended warranties available
  • Flexible maintenance coverage including on-site parts
  • 10 years technical experience as a company with Cisco equipment

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