IT Storage Products

Acronis Storage

Acronis International GmbH  - is a software company that makes computer backup, disaster recovery, bare-metal restore, system deployment, and storage management products for Windows and Linux systems. Acronis provides backup, disaster recovery, and partitioning software for both the home, and small and medium enterprises. Their core focus is working with disk blocks, which provides the technology for
                                                       additional products such as system deployment and disk partitioning.


coraid storageCoraid, Inc. -  is a storage vendor that provides Ethernet SAN solutions and developed the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol, which enables storage networking using raw Ethernet frames for transport.  AoE is a second generation SAN transport protocol using layer 2 Ethernet. A key advantage of the protocol is the ability to use standard Ethernet networks and a simple yet efficient protocol that minimizes packet size. Coraid designs both hard disk and SSD flash storage arrays.


dell compellent storage

Dell Compellent - Originally named Compellent Technologies, Inc (NYSE: CML), founded in 2002, is a global provider of enterprise storage systems that gained recognition for automating data movement at the block level.  Compellent’s SAN, called "Storage Center", combines several virtualized storage-management applications and one standards-based hardware


Dell EqualLogic Storage

Dell EqualLogic - Dell, an American multinational computer technology corporation, develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services acquired EqualLogic in an effort to concentrate on the iSCSI storage market. 


Dot Hill Storage

Dot Hill - Dot Hill Systems Corp. is a recognized leader in software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting and managing data.  Dot Hill’s solutions combine storage software with the industry’s most flexible and extensive hardware platform to deliver best-in-class SAN storage solutions.


Drobo Storage Drobo - Drobo is a family of external storage devices for computers. They are made in a variety of types including DAS, SAN, and NAS appliances made by Drobo.  Drobo devices are primarily designed to allow installation and removal of hard disk drives without requiring manual data migration, and also for increasing storage capacity of the unit without downtime.


Enterasys Storage Enterasys - Enterasys Networks, Inc. the network infrastructure and security division of Siemens Enterprise Communications, designs and manufactures all types of networking equipment including routers, switches,
                                                     storage, and 802.11 wireless access points and controllers.


ExaGrid Storage

ExaGrid - ExaGrid Systems, Inc. is a disk-based backup hardware company offers a turnkey disk backup with data deduplication appliance that works with existing backup applications.  ExaGrid combines the use of compression and byte-level data deduplication (sometimes called Capacity optimization) to minimize the amount of data stored.


FalconStor Storage

FalconStor - FalconStor Software provides data protectionx and storage virtualization solutions.  FalconStor offers a clustered file system called HyperFS, which has been designed to address storage issues related to applications requiring high performance and very low latency, such as those commonly found in media and entertainment markets.


IceWeb Storage

IceWeb - IceWEB is the alternative in unified data storage, with features and a performance of solutions such as EMC and NetApp.  IceWEB’s high-performance unified storage systems scale from 4TB to 1.8PB and provide one platform for file and block data over a variety of network protocols, including iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FC, FCoE, 10GE and others.


Infortrend StorageInfortrend - Infortrend Technology is a Taiwanese technology company specializing in SAN and NAS storage systems.  Infortrend primarily produces and sells RAID storage solutions. The company's main product families include ESVA (Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture), EonStor DS and EonNAS.


Kanguru Storage

Kanguru - Kanguru Solutions provides secure hardware encrypted, portable data devices, remote management device control, duplication equipment and more. They offer FIPS 140-2 Certification, Common Criteria EAL 2+ evaluation, and powerful remote device management applications.  Kanguru continues to develop cutting edge, portable data solutions worldwide to help organizations meet their sensitive data and security needs.


Mellanox Storage

Mellanox - Mellanox Technologies is a provider of Ethernet and InfiniBand host bus adapters.  It provides InfiniBand switches for servers and storage used in enterprise data centers, and also makes its own chips to support the Infiniband protocol.


Nexenta Storage

Nexenta - Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-class OpenStorage solutions.  OpenStorage refers to storage systems built with an open architecture, using industry-standard hardware, and state-of-the-art storage software.  The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management. 


Nexgen Storage

NexGen Storage - NexGen offers the first PCIe solid-state storage system designed to manage performance just like capacity. Unlike any other shared storage system, NexGen offers both Storage QoS for managing performance and Service Levels to ensure mission-critical application performance. At the same time, NexGen’s PCIe solid-state architecture avoids performance bottlenecks to offer the best price/performance ratio of any midrange storage solution.

Nexsan Storage  Nexsan - Nexsan provides the leading cost per IOPS and the    leading cost per TB in high-performance NAS and iSCSI Hybrid Storage and high-capacity disk arrays. Nexsan’s innovative NST5000 series of Hybrid Storage with FASTier™ acceleration technology offers the speed of solid-state at the price of spinning disk.


OCZ Storage

OCZ - OCZ Technology Group is a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and offers a wide range of solutions designed and manufactured specifically for enterprise, IT, and OEM needs.


Overland Storage

Overland Storage - Overland Storage is a global provider of effortless data management and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle.  Overland has taken the complexity out of data management and protection, making it easy and cost-effective to manage different tiers of information over time.  Overland products include SnapServer NAS, SnapSAN, NEO Series tape libraries, and REO Series VTL product lines combined with dedicated global service and support.


Promise Storage

PROMISE - PROMISE Technology develops and manufactures RAID solutions ranging from a complete line of RAID controller cards to FC/iSCSI/SAS/SATA RAID subsystems.  PROMISE Caters to enterprise, mid-range, entry-level consumer data protection needs with their Unified Common RAID Core and management software and unparalleled support.  Their storage solutions are the perfect answer for virtualization, disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives.


Qlogic Storage

QLogic - QLogic is a leading supplier of high performance storage networking solutions, which include the controller chips, host adapters and fabric switches that are the backbone of storage networks for most Global 2000 corporations.  Their products include Fibre Channel HBAs, blade server embedded Fibre Channel switches, Fibre Channel stackable switches, iSCSI HBAs and iSCSI routers.


QNAP Storage

QNAP - QNAP (Quality Network Appliance Provider) delivers cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability.  QNAP storage solutions improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance.


Quantum Storage

Quantum - Quantum is a global expert in data protection and big data management solutions. They offer specialized storage solutions for traditional, virtual and cloud environments including tape drive, tape automation, data deduplication storage products and scalable file storage software.


scale storage

Scale Computing - Scale Computing develops converged virtualization and storage systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. These systems allow IT professionals to virtualize environments on a converged scale-out architecture that delivers shared storage benefits without a SAN and with performance that stays one step ahead of demands.


starboard storage

Starboard Storage – Starboard Storage manages application workloads that include unstructured, virtualized and structured data.  Their AC series is a hybrid storage for modern application workload environments that allows for management of applications rather than storage.  The AC45 and AC72 are built on fully redundant dual node high-performance and highly available platforms and are the industries best hybrid storage systems.