Leading provider of Post-Warranty Storage Systems Maintenance

Gartner: XSi is a Pure-Play Third Party Maintenance Company

Network Manufacturers We Support:

Reasons customer switch to Third Party Storage Maintenance:

  • “The OEM’s annual prices are just too high!”

  • “We want to refresh on our own time frame and not due to OEM End-of-Service Dates.”

  • “The service we get from the OEM is too cumbersome; we want to talk to an experienced engineer right away and just have one coterminous contract.”

  • “The OEM is trying to increase annual Post-Warranty support prices in an attempt to get us to refresh.”

  • “Our storage system is EOL and stable, so we don’t need updates.”

Accenture: Don’t Ignore the Trend Toward Third-Party Maintenance Options for Hardware Support: As our clients look at various ways to optimize their IT cost structure, increasingly, third-party maintenance options for hardware support look like a no-brainer. The quality of third-party support options continues to increase, offering not only significant savings potential, but better global coverage.

Why XSi for Third Party Storage Maintenance:

  • Recognized by Gartner as a leader in Third Party Maintenance

  • In business for 28 years

  • XSi is also a DELL/EMC & HPE Commercial & Federal Partner

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified with SAE AS5553 Standards Compliance for Counterfeit and Electronic Parts Avoidance

  • Federal Contractor with 40 Federal Agency Clients including DoD

  • Global Support with Network of 6,000 Field Engineers and over 600 Forward Stocking Locations

  • Same SLAs as the OEM with better response times

Gartner: 90% of devices under TPM are post-warranty, 35% of devices under TPM are LDOS.

Forrester Research: Don’t pay for software updates if there are none, or if they are available for free. Organizations should scrutinize ongoing maintenance contracts to find valuable savings.

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