About XSi

Founded in 1990, XSi is an ISO9001:2015 Certified Services Company recognized by Gartner and led by a team of industry pioneers, leaders and former Executives from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.  

XSi is truly defined by the goals set forth in its mission statement:

To simplify and reduce the cost of IT maintenance support while providing a highly technical, customer-friendly service capable of supporting complex, mission-critical, multi-vendor IT environments.

XSi’s unique triage-based intake system for technical support is trans-formative in its approach:  One call, one explanation of the issue, and one cross-vendor subject matter expert team to troubleshoot until resolution.   XSi’s customizable reporting options are revolutionizing the way enterprises are monitoring support SLAs and support trends across their enterprises and across the entire IT asset portfolios. As buying organizations continue to be resource constrained, XSi’s contract consolidation methodology decreases workload while reducing risk of contract lapse.  Leveraging both dedicated personnel and sophisticated automation tools, XSi works with its customers to first identify, then rationalize, and finally reduce the overall cost and number of maintenance contracts.  XSi’s customers generally achieve a savings of 40-80% over traditional OEM maintenance support.

XSi Quality Policy: ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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