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Free Bash Patches are available to the Sun Solaris community

TERiX Computer Service, a leading independent multivendor hardware support company announced today the availability of free BASH patches for several Solaris operating system releases, including end-of-support-life Solaris releases. TERiX developed its own open source BASH patches and released them to the open source community. The TERiX BASH patches address all known BASH vulnerabilities within several major releases of Solaris, the server operating system that is a licensed product from Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL).

Will Facebook “Wedge” Cisco Out of the Switch Picture

Recently, Facebook revealed their new networking switch, "Wedge", at the GigaOm Structure tech conference in the end of June.   It is a new top-of-rack networking switch.  They also unveiled their new Linux-based operating software for that switch, FBOSS.   The Wedge and FBOSS allow for a new level of automation, visibility, and control in the operation of the network by breaking down the hardware and software components of the network even further.    With this new reveal, speculation is circling about how this will impact Cisco and the other networking vendors.

Oracle Rocks Hardware Sells

Last quarter Oracle reported its first ever year-over-year revenue growth for its hardware unit.  It’s been a long and dusty road to get there, but in fiscal Q3 which ended Feb. 28th they reported growth of 8%.  And, it looks as though the once fading hardware side of Oracle’s business has been revived and may continue to see steady growth.  Brian White, an analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald, says the growth will likely continue stating, "The Exa series — their engineered-systems business — is on fire.  The engineered-systems business is where the excitement is." 

Can Chambers Turn Cisco Around Before Retirement

In November, just a few months back, John Chambers, Cisco’s CEO announced a rough timetable of his retirement.  With 19 years at Cisco’s helm Chambers is the 5th longest serving CEO in the technology world.  Chamber’s believes he will retire sometime in the next two to four years.  Within that time period, Chambers would like nothing more than to turn things around for Cisco.   

Heartbleed Bug Catches Cisco and Juniper in its Grasps

Last week on April 7th the web was rocked by a security bug called Heartbleed.  It’s a flaw in a commonly used security system, OpenSSL, which nearly two-thirds of all websites globally out there use to keep information secure.  The media has had a field day with this news and unless you live under a rock you’ve probably already heard about the Heartbleed Bug or seen its logo.  The flaw in the system lets attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail, and some VPN communications.  Not only are servers using OpenSSL affected by this vulnerability, network gear from Cisco and Juniper Networks using OpenSSL are affected as well. 

Cisco and Spherix Go Head to Head in Nortel Patent Lawsuit

Cisco finds itself in another legal patent battle.  Spherix, a research and intellectual property firm, has filed a lawsuit against Cisco for allegedly infringing its patents relating to data center switches and routers.  Spherix bought these patents from Nortel in 2009, and is claiming that Cisco has been knowingly violating 11 of these Nortel patents.  The ones in the dispute relate to a portfolio Spherix acquired from Nortel for $4.5 billion.  Cozen O’Connor filed the suit on behalf of Spherix on March 24th in the Delaware federal court. 

Will Cisco and others survive amidst SDN and Cloud Computing?

Pierre Ferragu of Bernstein Research covered six networking vendors rating them on their market performance.  Cisco Systems, Ubiquity Networks, and F5 Networks all received a market performance rating of “Outperform”.  Juniper was given a “Neutral Market Perform” rating, and Aruba and Ruckas were given a rating of “Underperform”.

Digital Right to Repair Coalition releases Negotiation Techniques when buying Digital Technology:

Negotiation Goals:

All hardware (tangible assets) must be fully transferrable as whole machines without any post-purchase involvement on the part of the OEM.

All intangibles (licenses, services, support) must be fully disclosed, separate, specific, and optional.

All tangible items shall be repairable by the owner at the total discretion of the owner.

The V's of Big Data: Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety, and Veracity

When it comes to Big Data, obviously there’s a lot of it flying around these days.  Data is being produced at astronomical rates.  In fact, 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years!  The term “big data” can be defined as data that becomes so large that it cannot be processed using conventional methods.   The size of the data which can be considered to be Big Data is a constantly varying factor and newer tools are continuously being developed to handle this big data.  It is changing our world completely and shows no signs of being a passing fad that will disappear anytime in the near future.  In order to make sense out of this overwhelming amount of data it is often broken down using five V's:  Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety, and Veracity.

Juniper’s Engineering Department Continues to Dwindle

Dissention in any form or organization is never a good thing, and Juniper Networks seems to be finding that out the hard way.  It’s no secret that Juniper’s switching and SDN engineers have been leaving steadily for the past year.  Their latest casualty – Thomas Nadeau.  Nadeau jumped ship this month and joined Brocade as a distinguished engineer.  It seems the acquisition of Contrail Networks along with Juniper’s CTO and founder, Pradeep Sindhu, seem to be the cause of the rift.

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