IBM Launches PureSystems and Lowers the Cost of IT Operations

by Jenn Cano on April 12, 2012

IBM rolled out a game changer in the IT arena this week with the unveiling  a new line of integrated systems called PureSystems.  PureSystems is designed to centralize the management of IT infrastructure.  This is IBM’s first offering in a brand new system category from IBM — a new class of systems known as "Expert Integrated Systems."

IBM reportedly invested $2 billion in research and development, acquisitions spread over three years, and put in millions of development hours across 37 laboratories in 17 countries.

The first two systems to be launched in the PureSystems line are PureFlex, an infrastructure foundation component, and PureApplications, a software layer.  These systems combine servers, storage, network, software and applications in one box that would not only be ready for deployment within hours, but have built-in expertise garnered over the years and also are cloud-ready.

The new platform has three major components: System Integration, Task Automation, and Cloud Integration.  First, the new system design integrates server, storage, and networking into one machine.  Not only does this allow for increased density, but will also be able to handle twice as many applications as previous IBM systems.  It result is double the computing power per square foot of data center space.  Second, the integrated software will automatically handle the basic IT management tasks of configurations, updates, and app requirements reducing IT management time.  Finally, the systems are cloud ready and organizations will be able to integrate private clouds that can quickly be scaled up or down.

If you know anything about IT you know that the majority of projects encounter frequent delays and therefore, many projects are deployed late.  In fact, as you can see below a survey by Forrester on behalf of IBM suggests 23 per cent of new IT projects (worldwide) are deployed late.  According to Barbara Cain, vice-president at IBM's software group, since the system has codified best practices, new application deployment is faster by as much as 20-30 times. "The time of provisioning also reduces from 45 days to a few minutes," she claimed.


IBM claims the technology is designed to get IT organizations up and running in as little as four hours.  This would significantly reduce the typical “months” of time that are usually required to deploy new applications.  In fact, Helena Armitage, general manager at IBM's systems & technology group said, "In a managed services environment where there are 30 Unix servers, 22 storage devices and 200 x86 servers and if we consolidate this into one PureFlex, the company will save $2.6 million on operations and almost $2 million savings on management time over three years."

IBM said the launch was one of the biggest from the company, as it could change the way IT was being procured and deployed.

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