Myth Busters: Common Myths about Third-Party IT Maintenance

by Jenn Cano on February 8, 2013

3rd Party IT MaintenanceIn the not so far distant past the world was roaring, and “rolling in the dough” so to speak; and third party IT maintenance was not very high up on the food chain.  But lately, there hasn’t been as much “dough rolling,” and many organizations are turning to 3rd party IT maintenance to accommodate severe budget constraints and reductions in capital expenditures.  Companies have been forced to retain equipment for longer periods of time, and organizations are doing more with less.  What they are finding out is with third-party IT maintenance they can actually limit their service expenditures without compromising uptime or performance. 

Here are a few Myths about 3rd party IT maintenance that we would like to put to rest:

1.  Myth: “I must be sacrificing something” why else would 3rd party IT maintenance be so inexpensive

Paying less doesn’t always mean you’re giving up quality.  Typically, manufacturers invest a large amount of resources into research and development of their hardware.  The sell price of that hardware it is designed to recoup those initial research and development costs.  With third-party IT maintainers they don’t have those costs consequently they are able to charge less for the same or better service.  Another reason OEM maintenance plans are so expensive is they are trying to encourage new sales.  If the maintenance is priced high enough it makes buying the new equipment seem like the way to go.  Why maintain something if you can replace it with something newer without a huge cost difference. With 3rd-party maintenance the cost savings is substantial.

2.  Myth: I won’t have software support if I use a 3rd party IT maintainer

Third-party IT maintenance provides technical help desk support for most major operating systems if the firmware, patches and upgrades are publicly available. If they are not publicly available they will help you procure them and install them.  Companies like XSi offer U.S. based Tier 1 to Tier 3 support and will even escalate support to Tier 4 to the OEM if necessary.  Another factor to consider if you are maintaining post-warranty/end-of-life equipment is that they are usually stable and upgrades are not always needed.  But, if it is needed 3rd party IT maintenance providers can offer software support beyond what OEM’s offer on EOL/EOS equipment.  Most manufacturers will also split maintenance between hardware and software so that you can purchase software support if needed.  The difference you are saving by using a third-party IT maintainer more than makes up for the cost of purchasing a patch or upgrade if necessary. 

3. Myth:  3rd party IT maintainers are small operations, they can’t possibly offer me the same response times and support

The answer to this is like a classic game of poker.  Not only can a 3rd party IT maintenance provider “see” the OEM response times and support, they’ll do you one better and “raise” their support!  They offer worldwide support and often times have better response times on 24x7x4 and 8x5xnbd support.  Not only can they maintain your equipment, but they can put all our your networking maintenance under one contract for multi-OEMs, multiple SLAs, new & EOL/EOS, hardware, software support, and depot repair. (Imagine only one TAC center to call no matter who the OEM is!)  Moreover, often times they offer co-terminus additions and deletions.   They offer program management for cross-platform environments, and often times they will offer custom tailored reporting as well. 

While 3rd party IT maintenance might be a new concept for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be the best choice.  Third-party IT maintenance has the unique ability to keep the “dough rolling” in your organization without sacrificing service, performance, or uptimes.  In fact, you may be surprised by the increase in service you receive over an OEM, as maintenance is not often thought of as their priority.  If you would like to know more about how to optimizing IT costs without sacrificing security and performance, and see how 3rd party IT maintainers enhance your budget and make you look brilliant download our Free whitepaper now!

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