Catch The Newest Tech Trend - Third Party Maintenance Agreements

by XSI on March 22, 2017

In IT, if you're not aware of the latest trends, then you're bound to be left behind. Whether it's keeping up with the chatter on Reddit, or doing your own research, third party maintenance providers are one of the fastest growing sectors. As organizations are looking for new ways to efficiently maintain their complex IT infrastructure, third party maintenance is quickly becoming the wave of the future. With extensive service loopholes to jump through, organizations are growing tired of waiting for immediate and expert IT support for their IT assets. It is no wonder that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are losing ground to innovative third party maintenance providers who are able to provide exceptional customer service at affordable rates. Companies that were losing tons of time waiting for service from their OEMs are now riding the new wave and achieving significantly better resolution times, without sacrificing coverage by partnering with companies like XSi. And, organizations are able to reclaim control over how their IT assets are managed and streamline maintenance to be done faster, without adding extra tasks. It is estimated that by 2020, most organizations will be using some form of 3rd party IT maintenance arrangements.

For leading IT organizations, they are leveraging third party maintenance contracts to reduce the redundancy of tasks and decreasing the workload of IT staff. By having an on call technician to handle any emergency IT challenges that arise, more time can be spent on implementing new IT projects and exploring ways to make the entire IT infrastructure more efficient. In working with a third party maintenance provider, companies have the added benefit of not having to change providers and are able to tap into better and more qualified service for all their IT requests.

With these time-saving benefits, it is no wonder that more organizations are blending OEM and third party maintenance service level agreements. Tapping into this latest trend as the new solution for a maintenance option is an effective way for organizations, big and small, to better manage their IT demands and help their in-house IT teams free up their time for mission critical IT projects.

If your organization is looking for a proven solution to reduce IT maintenance expenses and tap into unparalleled customer support, contact XSi today at1-877-548-2836 (US), 1-770-824-3453 (International), or visit our website at

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