How a Major Bank Saved Over 65 Percent On Their IT Maintenance Through Third-Party-Maintenance Solutions

by XSI on February 22, 2017

In a large and mission critical infrastructure such as this financial institution, there are numerous time and cost saving benefits of leveraging the services of third party maintenance providers. Organizations can bypass OEM forced obsolescence by exploring alternative maintenance agreements to achieve a longer product life cycle with improved levels of service.

Client Background

The customer is a top 20 financial institution that has over 500 Cisco-based switches that passed Cisco’s end of support (EOS) milestone. While Cisco agreed to provide support for these products, the estimated maintenance price quickly ballooned by over 40 percent to over $25K per device, totalling a potential annual cost of $12.5 million.

The client had previously submitted only two requests for service in the past two years, making the increase in maintenance costs unwarranted. The OEM was exponentially driving up the cost of support on incredibly stable products that could remain in their network infrastructure for a substantially longer time and the client began to look for cheaper maintenance alternatives.

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XSi - A Third Party Maintenance Solution

To help the client extend the life of their IT assets, XSi network engineers completed an extensive audit. By partnering with XSi, the client was able to:

  • Acquire, test and spare all of the Cisco 6500 models and their internal and external components
  • Review procedures for consumption, replenishment of spares, and sparing confirmation.
  • Perform root cause analysis and ensure “relaxed model and bypass” procedures were deployed
  • Update customer asset records and configuration items
  • Communicate to financial institution operations personnel and on-boarding calls and on- boarding document reviews

With XSi, the client was able to realize a 65 percent decrease in IT maintenance costs and implement leading cost saving strategies to improve the management of their infrastructure.

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