Mark Havens & Brent Anderson Join XSi to Spearhead Strategic Growth

April 3, 2020 (Alpharetta, GA): XSi (XS International) is pleased to announce that Mark Havens has joined the company as Vice President, Commercial Sales, and Brent Anderson has joined the company as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer. Both come from highly respected careers serving global enterprise IT clients with independent hardware support options.

Mark Havens came to XSi after a decades-long career at SSCS (acquired by Park Place Technologies in 2018), a similar and closely aligned service organization. For the last 24 years he has helped numerous Enterprise IT professionals understand their data center hardware support options to maximize hardware asset ROI and combat OEM FUD. Mark has had significant experience in developing multi-national service solutions and in working with large corporations and complex sales cycles. The true nature of service to others has always been very important to Mark, as has pride of work quality.

Brent Anderson joined XSi in 2020, bringing with him 30 years of marketing expertise, mostly IT and healthcare. Early in his career, he worked for a few of the country’s leading brand development firms in the Twin Cities, but landed firmly in IT and Independent Hardware Maintenance in 2002. During his IT Maintenance career, he worked at four IT maintainers (Qualtech/QSGI, Top Gun Technology, SMS/Curvature and SSCS), helping two of them from their origins to become recognized and successful business entities. In all instances, he managed the marketing departments, was the primary liaison with industry analysts (e.g. Gartner, IDC) and oversaw all marketing objectives, strategies and tactics.

“I have known and watched these gentlemen expertly lead the massive growth of each of their past employers. I am honored they have both chosen to join XSi and am excited about the contributions they’ve already made and looking forward to the years to come,” stated Todd Bone, XSi President & Founder.

Doug Krueger, XSi CEO, added, “These two gentlemen add a positive energy to our culture, a deeper level of strategic thought, enhanced accountabilities and, I believe, position XSi for substantial growth in the coming years. I’m very pleased with the leadership skills they bring with them to our organization.”

About XSi

Founded in 1990 and recognized by Gartner, XSi helps companies deploy a hybrid hardware support model to save important hardware operating expense budget dollars. As an Independent Hardware Support Provider (an industry also known as Third Party Maintenance), XSi provides hardware support options for networking hardware, servers and data storage assets. In addition to servicing enterprise accounts, it also supports Systems Integrators and federal agencies (XSi is ISO9001:2015 Certified, meets SAE AS5553 Standards, currently supports 42 federal agencies and all of the Top 10 Federal Systems Integrators). XSi encourages interested parties to follow its business profile at LinkedIn for weekly blog postings from its Subject Matter Expert team.