“Rethinking IT Maintenance” – Why It’s Our Promise to You

If you are already familiar with Independent Hardware Support, also known as Third Party Maintenance (TPM), it’s likely that you’ve previously chosen to adopt Hardware Lifecycle Management Best Practices, or even a Hybrid Hardware Support model. If you have, this blog is for you. If you have not yet done so, we can suggest other blogs to help you in answering “why,” along with estimating the value to transitioning your support model.

Healthcare IT: Are You 100% Assured of Cisco Entitlement Compliance?

By now, you have undoubtedly heard the stories of Cisco conducting entitlement audits to verify compliance or impose penalties on those who are unable. If you are not familiar with this issue or its history, I would highly encourage you to read Grant Patten’s (our VP, Service Delivery) article from a few weeks ago. The article is entitled (click the link to read): What Cisco and Traditional TPMs Don’t Want You To Know; Why We Need a Better Maintenance Solution.

New Service Announcement – XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance!

Are you ready for a BETTER hardware maintenance solution?

What Cisco and Traditional TPMs Don’t Want You To Know; Why We Need a Better Maintenance Solution

“Educate them. But don’t OVER-educate them,” that was a former boss’s direction before pitching my former company’s solution to a client. He was afraid that if a prospect truly understood the economics of Cisco third party maintenance (“TPM”), they would choose to do it themselves rather than buying maintenance from us. My goal today is to “OVER-educate” you by opening the kimono on the economics of the industry.

Top 3 reasons why IT Procurement, Data Center Ops, and ITAM should collaborate

From our past blogs, you’ve likely begun to understand Hardware Lifecycle Management, as well as the fiscal impacts from adopting a Hybrid Hardware Support model.

XSi Blog: Healthcare IT - Best Practices in Hardware Lifecycle Management


Helping Systems Integrators to Easily Quantify the Savings Potential Created by Hybrid Hardware Support Models

In our first blog for Systems Integrators, we introduced the potential cost reductions possible for your federal clients, by taking a closer look at the best practices of Hardware Lifecycle Management. But, more specifically, I shared the notion of the “hybrid hardware support model.” This is where assets under warranty are maintained by the OEM, but post-warranty assets are maintained by a significantly less expensive independent hardware support provider (like XS International).

Why are Data Center Ops Experts Now So Rarely Involved in Hardware Support Vendor Vetting?

Why has hardware support vendor vetting been reduced to a “price-only” methodology? Is “uptime” and MTTR no longer important?

What really happened over the last ten years? Prior to current practices, data center hardware and hardware infrastructure experts were heavily involved in the procurement of hardware support – particularly when it applied to independent support for post-warranty hardware assets. During the vetting process, it was you who asked the really good questions and absolutely knew how to mitigate risk for mission-critical assets. You knew well how to discern critical from non-critical assets. You knew the questions to ask to ensure vendors being vetted had established:

Alternative Maintenance for Cisco Equipment Has Been Severely “Hobbled” – Are You Aware of the Impacts to You & Your Independent Maintenance Provider?


Specialty IT Support: Hardware Lifecycle Solutions for Systems Integrators

Looking for a new, experienced hardware solutions specialist? You’re a perfect fit for “hardware lifecycle best practices.”

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