Popular Juniper Networks models reaching End of Support (EOS)

Since the Mean Time Between Failures for Juniper equipment is between 7 to 45 years depending on the model, there is no reason to upgrade your hardware at EOS when continued Third Party Maintenance is available.

Why We Must Fight for the Right to Repair our Electronics

Pending U.S. legislation could force manufacturers to make repair parts and information available at fair prices.

HPE Is Exiting the Cloud Server Business - What's Next?

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise announced they will no longer sell low-end “commodity” servers to large cloud computing customers. Most of the cloud companies have been going directly to contract manufacturers in Taiwan or China to have servers built to their specifications at low cost. They are no longer interested in brand name products or their high costs.

Cisco6500: Obtain Maintenance for the Most Prolific Selling Switch

Cisco 65xx Series Switches has been the best-selling switch for well over a decade. Cost of maintenance on these series of switches has been a pain point for many organizations. List prices for SNT (8x5xNBD) and SNTP (7x24x4) prices are the following:

  • SNT $6,825
  • SNTP $10,920

Catch The Newest Tech Trend - Third Party Maintenance Agreements

In IT, if you're not aware of the latest trends, then you're bound to be left behind. Whether it's keeping up with the chatter on Reddit, or doing your own research, third party maintenance providers are one of the fastest growing sectors. As organizations are looking for new ways to efficiently maintain their complex IT infrastructure, third party maintenance is quickly becoming the wave of the future. With extensive service loopholes to jump through, organizations are growing tired of waiting for immediate and expert IT support for their IT assets. It is no wonder that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are losing ground to innovative third party maintenance providers who are able to provide exceptional customer service at affordable rates. Companies that were losing tons of time waiting for service from their OEMs are now riding the new wave and achieving significantly better resolution times, without sacrificing coverage by partnering with companies like XSi. And, organizations are able to reclaim control over how their IT assets are managed and streamline maintenance to be done faster, without adding extra tasks. It is estimated that by 2020, most organizations will be using some form of 3rd party IT maintenance arrangements.

Five Ways Organizations Can Prevent Data Breaches

A prominent company donates over two dozen computers to an IT recycler. Little did they know the hard drives of the computers had not been wiped clean and within a few months one of the largest data breaches in the company’s history was revealed. The computers, discarded after a computer upgrade in the Human Resources and Accounting departments, contained personal information, social security numbers, and bank account numbers for over 15,000 current and past employees. Once the information was exposed, there was little the organization could do but to offer a public apology and help the victims prevent any further identity theft. However, months later over half of the sensitive data stolen was being sold on the black market to would-be identity thieves from all over the world.

The Importance of Responsible E-Waste Management

Most commonly referred to as e-waste, decommissioned computers, copiers, hard drives, and other electrical components end up in landfills which causes harmful effects to the environment. It is estimated that between 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year. The unfortunate reality is that a significant portion of what is thought to be e-waste is not actually waste; it is electronic parts and equipment that has been erroneously marked as obsolete, when in fact, many of the components could be repurposed, reused, or recycled. As the amount of e-waste grows each year, corporations have a social responsibility to dispose of e-waste safely and properly.

Third Party Maintenance - Reducing IT Costs for Manufacturers

Manufacturers have the daunting task of managing many moving parts within their day-to-day operations. Whether it is tracking raw materials and inventory levels or the logistics of moving output from point A to point B, the IT infrastructure is often complex and interconnected. With such intricate IT systems, keeping them well-maintained and in working order is of the utmost importance, even for a small manufacturer.

How a Major Bank Saved Over 65 Percent On Their IT Maintenance Through Third-Party-Maintenance Solutions

In a large and mission critical infrastructure such as this financial institution, there are numerous time and cost saving benefits of leveraging the services of third party maintenance providers. Organizations can bypass OEM forced obsolescence by exploring alternative maintenance agreements to achieve a longer product life cycle with improved levels of service.

Updated for 2018: The five Vs of big data: how can they help your business?


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