Popular Juniper Networks models reaching End of Support (EOS)

by Todd Bone on November 3, 2017
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Since the Mean Time Between Failures for Juniper equipment is between 7 to 45 years depending on the model, there is no reason to upgrade your hardware at EOS when continued Third Party Maintenance is available.

Some of Juniper’s most popular models have or soon will reach End of Support. These include Juniper NetScreen, STRM/JSA Series, E and EX Series, J Series, M Series, SRX Series and WX Series. Download the list Juniper Networks Models at EOS that should be kept and maintained by Third Party Maintenance.

This example shows the MTBF for Netscreen Security Models SSG520M and SSG550M is 12 Years. Juniper is no longer providing Same Day Support starting 1/31/2018 on these systems. These models are popular, still doing great in the field, and only at half of their MTBF. An excellent model to keep.

Juniper Networks MTBF-2

Third Party Maintenance companies will provide same-day support for these and other Juniper Networks models when Juniper no longer provides same day, next business day or any support at all.

In addition to models that reach EOS, other models that have been in the field for awhile, even those that require software updates to fix issues, can be maintained by Third Party Maintenance and analysis can easily be performed to show which models fit this criterion.

Extending the life of IT makes a lot of sense if maintenance prices on those assets do not increase. Manufacturers like Juniper Networks are dependent on new hardware sales to grow their stock price. They raise their annual maintenance prices to force obsolescence and upgrades. Holding on to perfectly good working equipment with a long MTBF coupled with lower maintenance costs increase the total ROI on the asset purchase.

See what your options are today!

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