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The Nature of Heroism in a Volatile Marketplace

In yesterday’s blog, I explained that over the weekend I had deeply considered the nature of heroes and how each of us can inspire heroism in others – especially important with last week’s volatility in global markets. Following the reading of several articles in noted psychology and leadership journals, I started my own list of the traits of a hero:

1.     Rooted in the care for others, heroism is the altruistic preparation of logic-based plans, with contingencies, that serve to protect during crisis and/or prevent any crisis from worsening.
2.     Heroic readiness is possible when one commits to a personal accountability, well before any crisis, by engaging forethought, skills development and the confidence that can only be created from both.

These first two were inspired by thoughts of my kids and recollections of the traits of my parents and grandparents. Well, here are two more:

3.     Heroes are prepared with the wisdom of humility (EQ) to ask others for help without hesitation and be very specific about the purpose for the help needed, not conveying the only solution they believe to be possible.
4.     Heroes are 100% clear in explaining the purpose of the help they seek, but then listen deeply with an unwavering respect to those offering assistance.

As global news has impacted the markets, cost-cutting measures are very likely across numerous industries in the coming months. As I mentioned in the last blog, heroism is rooted in preparedness. Because data center and networking hardware represent 15-20% of your annual IT budgets, perhaps it’s time to consider a hybrid hardware support solution as a proven cost-containment measure. What is hybrid hardware support? This is where assets under warranty are maintained by the OEM, but post-warranty assets are maintained by a significantly less expensive independent provider.

If you’d like to learn about the most effective means of proactively reducing data center or networking hardware operating expense, please visit or contact XSi to openly discuss your objectives with one of our Subject Matter Experts. We’re here to help!

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Mark came to XS International after a decades-long career at a similar and closely aligned service organization. For the last 24 years he has helped numerous Enterprise IT professionals understand their data center hardware support options to maximize hardware asset ROI and combat OEM FUD. The true nature of service to others has always been very important to Mark, as has pride of work quality. Mark resides in Houston, TX with his two children and the love of his life, Laura. Personal interests include: church choir, golf, tennis, playing music (piano and bass guitar) and singing, literature, movies, cooking (frequently with cast iron) and sailing.