Top 3 Myths About Third Party Service Debunked

by XSI on January 19, 2017

Traditional OEM service level agreements are not meeting the rapid and changing needs of most businesses. In a recent Forrester study, over 70 percent of IT managers acknowledge being attracted to third-party maintenance arrangements because of exorbitant OEM pricing and contract entitlement issues. But, despite the growing shift away from traditional OEM service level agreements, many companies still remain leery of third party service contracts for three reasons.

Myth #1: Third party IT maintenance providers do not offer the same level of service. Third party maintenance companies specialize in being fast, accurate, and providing the highest level of customer service possible. In most cases, the level of service they provide is the same, if not better than, OEM service level agreements. For example, with a third party provider such as XSi you are immediately escalated to a senior level CCNP or CCIE level expert eliminating the frustration of having to be escalated through tier based support systems.

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Myth #2: Alternative maintenance contracts are serviced by unqualified personnel.

The reality is most OEM’s outsource service to third party vendors with no guarantee that the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) personnel or field engineers, who are dispatched to repair your mission critical IT assets, are experienced and certified to work on that component. With premium third party maintenance providers, you are immediately handed off to a high level engineer capable of managing your incidence to closure.

Myth #3: Working with a third party maintenance provider impacts OEM entitlement and coverage. A reputable third party maintenance provider will be aware of OEM terms and conditions, end user licensing agreements (EULA), vulnerability policies, entitlement and warranty policies. It is also important to note that not all OEM service agreements guarantee that all of your IT assets are covered. A highly qualified third party maintenance provider will cover assets long after the OEM has dictated End-of-Support (EOS) for devices.

Alternative maintenance providers are providing organizations with better coverage, at lower costs, with an emphasis on not leaving any IT component without a service agreement. Leading companies, are debunking the longstanding myths, and exploring the measurable cost savings that third party maintenance contracts provide.

If you believe your organization could benefit from partnering with a Maintenance Lifecycle Support and Methodology Provider to manage all IT assets and lower annual IT costs, then contact XSi at 1-877-548-2836 (US & Canada), 1-770-504-4891 (International), or visit our website at

1. Challenging the Status Quo on Maintenance Contracts and Refresh Cycles to Lower Costs, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

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