2013 Networking Technology Future is Headed Toward SDN - Software Defined Networking

While 2012 was nothing short of a technology miracle, 2013 promises to be even better.  A few months back we posted an article on the extraordinary job Cisco did at the Olympics this summer as the official network provider.  In fact, more than 4.8 billion people watched the event, with digital viewers outnumbering traditional television viewers for the first time in history, clearly showing how technology dependent we have all become.  Undoubtedly, the impressive technology trend will continue in 2013.

Are Networking Companies like Cisco ready for the iPhone 5?

While the iPhone 5 might be all the rage because it sold out in just a few hours, you might be tempted to over look what the real story is all about.   Money, yes of course it’s always about money.  But, perhaps investors have overlooked where the real money is.  Yes, it seems that everyone is racing to be a part of the iphone billion-dollar industry, but where the real money may be hiding is in the networks built by companies like Cisco and F5 Networks that carry all that iphone data!

Brocade Partners with 49ers as Network Provider for New Stadium

Brocade Communications Systems is known as an IT networking company, but that may all change. Thanks to a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, they may quickly become better known to football fans!  Brocade, based in San Jose, has signed a deal to provide the wireless technology for the new 49ers stadium, which is to be built on Tasman Drive in the heart of Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara.

Simplify your Campus LAN with Brocade’s “The Effortless Network”

On March 6th,  Brocade, an industry leader in providing reliable, high-performance network solutions, introduced two new campus LAN switches, the ICX 6430 Switch and ICX 6450 Switch, filling out what the company can offer businesses with campus networks.  They are designed to simplify the campus network edge by easing operations and management.

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