New Service Announcement – XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance!

Are you ready for a BETTER hardware maintenance solution?

The Disaggregation of Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos Operating Systems from their Hardware!

We have been hearing rumblings for the last year that Cisco wants to become known as a software company, which means they would unbundle their Operating System sale from the hardware sale.

Cisco6500: Obtain Maintenance for the Most Prolific Selling Switch

Cisco 65xx Series Switches has been the best-selling switch for well over a decade. Cost of maintenance on these series of switches has been a pain point for many organizations. List prices for SNT (8x5xNBD) and SNTP (7x24x4) prices are the following:

  • SNT $6,825
  • SNTP $10,920

Catch The Newest Tech Trend - Third Party Maintenance Agreements

In IT, if you're not aware of the latest trends, then you're bound to be left behind. Whether it's keeping up with the chatter on Reddit, or doing your own research, third party maintenance providers are one of the fastest growing sectors. As organizations are looking for new ways to efficiently maintain their complex IT infrastructure, third party maintenance is quickly becoming the wave of the future. With extensive service loopholes to jump through, organizations are growing tired of waiting for immediate and expert IT support for their IT assets. It is no wonder that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are losing ground to innovative third party maintenance providers who are able to provide exceptional customer service at affordable rates. Companies that were losing tons of time waiting for service from their OEMs are now riding the new wave and achieving significantly better resolution times, without sacrificing coverage by partnering with companies like XSi. And, organizations are able to reclaim control over how their IT assets are managed and streamline maintenance to be done faster, without adding extra tasks. It is estimated that by 2020, most organizations will be using some form of 3rd party IT maintenance arrangements.

How a Major Bank Saved Over 65 Percent On Their IT Maintenance Through Third-Party-Maintenance Solutions

In a large and mission critical infrastructure such as this financial institution, there are numerous time and cost saving benefits of leveraging the services of third party maintenance providers. Organizations can bypass OEM forced obsolescence by exploring alternative maintenance agreements to achieve a longer product life cycle with improved levels of service.

Large Federal Agency Achieved Over 25 Percent Reduction in Annual IT Maintenance Costs with XSi

With the growing complexities of business, federal agencies have to deploy multiple IT assets at once and juggle how to maintain all systems and ensure they are all covered for service. This increasing challenge of managing the upgrades, installation, and decommissioning of many IT assets within a larger, more interconnected IT infrastructure is a real concern for organizations in every industry. For a Federal agency, remaining compliant with regulations can add an additional layer of complexity and cost to IT maintenance and support.

Updated for 2017: End-of-Life Cisco Switches and Routers: Now What?

In 2017, IT investment is projected to be one of the fastest growing costs for small and large businesses. This is not a new trend, but since 2010, the need for new technology has become integral to a business’ success. In fact, experts estimate that technology spending will increase 5% each year, quickly surpassing 2.7 trillion by 2020. Despite this projected increase in spending, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), now more than ever, have to be financially conscience and look for ways to get the IT hardware they need, without breaking the bank. Cisco has long been a preferred manufacturer for switches and routers, but even Cisco products are not immune to end-of-life hurdles. End-of-Life refers to the practice that manufacturers use to restrict service for software or hardware. When an IT component is declared end-of-life, the manufacturer is signalling that they will only offer repair or maintenance services for that component for only a few more years. This common practice can be devastating for an organization that relies on these now seemingly obsolete components. We have refreshed this blog to give you updated insight into how to handle end-of-life IT assets to maximize their life without having to spend thousands on new parts and installation that may not be immediately needed.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up with the OEM for Maintenance and Support

They're just not that into you.

In the beginning, they seemed so loving and caring. As time passed, they became more and more demanding of your time and money.  They started draining you of your resources. They started making ultimatums. Does this sound like the relationship between you and your original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Read on to find out the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your OEM for Maintenance and Support.

Cisco Plans to Lay Off 5,500 Employees

Cisco announced on Wednesday that they wll be planning on laying off up to 5,500 employees that pertain to their network and router hardware. Previous to the announcement, Cisco was rumored to layoff 9,000 to 14,000 employees globally, who were being offered early retirement packages. 

Determining When to Upgrade Your Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx G1 Routers to G2 Routers Cisco 19xx / 29xx / 39xx

Cisco is ending support for hundreds of thousands of Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx:

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