What Cisco isn't telling you about Cisco Smart Licensing

Cisco is rolling out their new Smart Licensing System (Cisco FAQ) that looks very concerning as it will give the keys to your Cisco device to Cisco.

Cisco Plans to Lay Off 5,500 Employees

Cisco announced on Wednesday that they wll be planning on laying off up to 5,500 employees that pertain to their network and router hardware. Previous to the announcement, Cisco was rumored to layoff 9,000 to 14,000 employees globally, who were being offered early retirement packages. 

Arista Networks Files Antitrust Claims in Countersuit Against Cisco Systems

On Monday, January 25, 2016, Arista Networks alleged that Cisco Systems is engaged in anti-competitive practices. Arista claims that Cisco has been price-gouging customers that purchased alternative network switches by charging higher fees through SMARTnet maintenance.

Buyer's Guide to Digital Electronic Equipment: No strings attached

Many products with digital parts are sold with “strings” designed to lock buyers into high-margin post-purchase contracts for such things as “Support”, “Maintenance”, and “Upgrades”.  Some contracts are so intertwined into the purchase that buyers are forced to replace fully functional equipment on a schedule dictated by the manufacturer.

This blog allows you to learn how you can protect yourself from policies that limit your exposure to hidden permission issues that threaten your right of ownership and create nonessential replacement costs. 

2013 Networking Technology Future is Headed Toward SDN - Software Defined Networking

While 2012 was nothing short of a technology miracle, 2013 promises to be even better.  A few months back we posted an article on the extraordinary job Cisco did at the Olympics this summer as the official network provider.  In fact, more than 4.8 billion people watched the event, with digital viewers outnumbering traditional television viewers for the first time in history, clearly showing how technology dependent we have all become.  Undoubtedly, the impressive technology trend will continue in 2013.

Hurricane Sandy exposes major weakness in networks

Hurricane Sandy exposes major weaknesses in mobile network architecture for consumers and business.

How Cisco is Weathering the London Olympics

Each time I get a push notification on my phone from my handy dandy NBC Olympic app I think about Cisco and I’m astounded by the ever-changing technology that surrounds us.  They are calling it the Digital Olympics in London, and there’s good reason to do so.    In the palm of my hand I can see minute to minute updates of the latest in breaking Olympic news, videos, photos, medal counts, athlete bios, and wait… yes, even watch my favorite (swimming – Go Phelps!) Olympic events live!  And while I may be cozily sitting in my office watching the Olympics on my phone – ah, I mean working… there are many “Cisco-ians” fast at work making it all possible in London.

Alcatel's 7950 Router Storms the Market

Recently Alcatel introduced a new line of routers that threatens to give Cisco and Juniper a run for their money.  On May 22, 2012 Alcatel unveiled a new family of Internet core routers that they have been diligently working on for the past three years.  This revolutionary technology promises to be the most innovative and powerful product currently in the industry.  The new 7950 line will enhance network operations and prepare their core networks to embrace the rapid expansion of smartphone and tablets, the conversion to cloud applications, and the fast growing video market.

CIOs Are Not Ready To Switch Networking Gear


If it wasn't common knowledge before that Cisco and other big OEMs force customers into buying new equipment before ready or corner them into OEM maintenance contracts, it may be now.  The Wall Street Journal posted the following yesterday June 26, 2012 bringing to the attention of the public just what big OEM's like Cisco are trying to do... 


SDN - Networking Extreme Makeover Has Cisco and Juniper Scurrying

If you haven’t heard of it yet and you’re in computer networking, it’s likely that you will soon.  Software-defined networking (SDN) is taking the industry by storm and promising to change the way computer networks are managed in the future.  It’s refashioning the data center and creating an onset of start-ups that are forcing old-guard vendors like Cisco and Juniper to scurry to keep up.

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