The Disaggregation of Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos Operating Systems from their Hardware!

We have been hearing rumblings for the last year that Cisco wants to become known as a software company, which means they would unbundle their Operating System sale from the hardware sale.

Cisco Plans to Lay Off 5,500 Employees

Cisco announced on Wednesday that they wll be planning on laying off up to 5,500 employees that pertain to their network and router hardware. Previous to the announcement, Cisco was rumored to layoff 9,000 to 14,000 employees globally, who were being offered early retirement packages. 

Determining When to Upgrade Your Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx G1 Routers to G2 Routers Cisco 19xx / 29xx / 39xx

Cisco is ending support for hundreds of thousands of Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx:

Arista Networks Files Antitrust Claims in Countersuit Against Cisco Systems

On Monday, January 25, 2016, Arista Networks alleged that Cisco Systems is engaged in anti-competitive practices. Arista claims that Cisco has been price-gouging customers that purchased alternative network switches by charging higher fees through SMARTnet maintenance.

Can Chambers Turn Cisco Around Before Retirement

In November, just a few months back, John Chambers, Cisco’s CEO announced a rough timetable of his retirement.  With 19 years at Cisco’s helm Chambers is the 5th longest serving CEO in the technology world.  Chamber’s believes he will retire sometime in the next two to four years.  Within that time period, Chambers would like nothing more than to turn things around for Cisco.   

Heartbleed Bug Catches Cisco and Juniper in its Grasps

Last week on April 7th the web was rocked by a security bug called Heartbleed.  It’s a flaw in a commonly used security system, OpenSSL, which nearly two-thirds of all websites globally out there use to keep information secure.  The media has had a field day with this news and unless you live under a rock you’ve probably already heard about the Heartbleed Bug or seen its logo.  The flaw in the system lets attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail, and some VPN communications.  Not only are servers using OpenSSL affected by this vulnerability, network gear from Cisco and Juniper Networks using OpenSSL are affected as well. 

Dynamic Duo, Facebook and Cisco, Team Up to Provide You Free Wi-Fi

It’s an inevitable situation…you’re stuck in a store, hotel, or restaurant trying to search up something online... you have terrible cell reception and no Wi-Fi.  It’s happened to the best of us, and it’s exasperating watching, and waiting as nothing loads.  Fortunately, Cisco and Jasper have teamed up to provide a solution that seems to fit the bill.  Restaurants, hotels, and other businesses are spending a lot to provide customers with free Wi-Fi.  Facebook and Cisco have teamed up to help recoup those costs by asking users to check-in to get Internet access.

Cisco unveils new core routers and other Cisco happenings

Cisco unveils new core routers, outlines NPU plans and EZchip takes off 

  • At a launch event for its new NCS core router line, Cisco (CSCO -0.5%) states its recently-announced nPower X1 network processor (NPU) won't displace EZchip's NPUs.
  • EZchip shares, which tumbled when the X1 was originally announced, have shot higher. Oppenheimer had estimated the nPower X1 could hurt EZchip's top line by 20%-25% if used in future Cisco edge routers.
  • Cisco states the X1, which (per John Chambers) cost $250M to develop, will power the NCS line, as well as its mainstay CRS-X core routers.
  • The NCS line is meant to provide better support for diverse traffic loads than the CRS-X line. Cisco touts the programmability of its new hardware, as well as its advanced management tools (both physical and virtual resources can be provisioned across systems) and support for the company's ONE SDN platform.
  • The high-end NCS 6000 supports line cards with densities up to 1Tbps; that exceeds the 400Gbps supported by the CRS-X and supports arguments the former will be viewed as a replacement for the latter, even if it isn't officially marketed as such.
  • The NCS 6000 is already shipping, as is a complementary 100G optical transport system known as the NCS 2000. Japan's KDDI and Australia's Telstra are among the first clients. A less powerful router known as the NCS 4000 will ship in 1H14.
  • Juniper (JNPR -1.2%), whose successful PTX Series routers are being targeted by the NCS line, is ticking lower.

News courtesy of SeekingAlpha.

Cisco Viop Phone Hack: Other’s May Be Listening Through Your Phone

At the 29th Chaos Communications Congress (29C3) on Dec 27th – 30th, 2012 one topic caught our eye and seemed to standout a little more than the rest.  Ang Cui and Michael Costello presented “Hacking Cisco Phones: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean your phone isn't listening to everything you say,” making a convincing argument to worry if you’re a Cisco Viop user.  During the presentation they warned DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded researchers in the audience as Cui and Costello demonstrated how they could remotely turn on a phone’s microphone and eavesdrop on  your private in office, off-phone conversation from anywhere in the world.  And to make matters worse, if the phone is enabled with a webcam, they could even turn that on without anyone being the wiser.

Cisco Chooses its First U.S. Iconic Smart+Connected Community

While it might be a tad reminiscent of The Truman Show, complete with hidden cameras at every corner, Cisco has announced its first Iconic Smart+Connected City, Lake Nona Community of Orlando, Florida and it’s pretty darn impressive.  The Monday, October 23, 2012 announcement makes Lake Nona technology giant Cisco’s, first Iconic Smart+Connected City.  Lake Nona - a 7,000-acre master planned community within the city limits of Orlando will be a 15 year project for Cisco and Bahamas-based private investment firm Tavistock Group. They plan to turn Lake Nona into a modern day "Aerotropolis," or an urban area whose economy is centered around an international airport, and the global workforce that enter and leave through it.

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