Are You Enabling SMARTnet Waste or Cisco Entitlement Risk? It’s Likely One or the Other.

Option 1: If you’ve already been proactive about your management of and containment of expensive SMARTnet support, you’ve likely asked yourself, “Can I get all the value of Cisco SMARTnet for the assets that require it, yet also drive cost savings, reduce waste and do so without running completely afoul of all these new Cisco policies?”

What Cisco and Traditional TPMs Don’t Want You To Know; Why We Need a Better Maintenance Solution

“Educate them. But don’t OVER-educate them,” that was a former boss’s direction before pitching my former company’s solution to a client. He was afraid that if a prospect truly understood the economics of Cisco third party maintenance (“TPM”), they would choose to do it themselves rather than buying maintenance from us. My goal today is to “OVER-educate” you by opening the kimono on the economics of the industry.

Alternative Maintenance for Cisco Equipment Has Been Severely “Hobbled” – Are You Aware of the Impacts to You & Your Independent Maintenance Provider?


What Cisco isn't telling you about Cisco Smart Licensing

Cisco is rolling out their new Smart Licensing System (Cisco FAQ) that looks very concerning as it will give the keys to your Cisco device to Cisco.

The Disaggregation of Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos Operating Systems from their Hardware!

We have been hearing rumblings for the last year that Cisco wants to become known as a software company, which means they would unbundle their Operating System sale from the hardware sale.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up with the OEM for Maintenance and Support

They're just not that into you.

In the beginning, they seemed so loving and caring. As time passed, they became more and more demanding of your time and money.  They started draining you of your resources. They started making ultimatums. Does this sound like the relationship between you and your original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Read on to find out the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your OEM for Maintenance and Support.

Determining When to Upgrade Your Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx G1 Routers to G2 Routers Cisco 19xx / 29xx / 39xx

Cisco is ending support for hundreds of thousands of Cisco 18xx / 28xx / 38xx:

Arista Networks Files Antitrust Claims in Countersuit Against Cisco Systems

On Monday, January 25, 2016, Arista Networks alleged that Cisco Systems is engaged in anti-competitive practices. Arista claims that Cisco has been price-gouging customers that purchased alternative network switches by charging higher fees through SMARTnet maintenance.

Cisco unveils new core routers and other Cisco happenings

Cisco unveils new core routers, outlines NPU plans and EZchip takes off 

  • At a launch event for its new NCS core router line, Cisco (CSCO -0.5%) states its recently-announced nPower X1 network processor (NPU) won't displace EZchip's NPUs.
  • EZchip shares, which tumbled when the X1 was originally announced, have shot higher. Oppenheimer had estimated the nPower X1 could hurt EZchip's top line by 20%-25% if used in future Cisco edge routers.
  • Cisco states the X1, which (per John Chambers) cost $250M to develop, will power the NCS line, as well as its mainstay CRS-X core routers.
  • The NCS line is meant to provide better support for diverse traffic loads than the CRS-X line. Cisco touts the programmability of its new hardware, as well as its advanced management tools (both physical and virtual resources can be provisioned across systems) and support for the company's ONE SDN platform.
  • The high-end NCS 6000 supports line cards with densities up to 1Tbps; that exceeds the 400Gbps supported by the CRS-X and supports arguments the former will be viewed as a replacement for the latter, even if it isn't officially marketed as such.
  • The NCS 6000 is already shipping, as is a complementary 100G optical transport system known as the NCS 2000. Japan's KDDI and Australia's Telstra are among the first clients. A less powerful router known as the NCS 4000 will ship in 1H14.
  • Juniper (JNPR -1.2%), whose successful PTX Series routers are being targeted by the NCS line, is ticking lower.

News courtesy of SeekingAlpha.

3 Things Your CIO Can Learn From The NFL....

What Do Brett Favre and Your IT Department Have In Common?

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