What Cisco isn't telling you about Cisco Smart Licensing

Cisco is rolling out their new Smart Licensing System (Cisco FAQ) that looks very concerning as it will give the keys to your Cisco device to Cisco.

Cisco Plans to Lay Off 5,500 Employees

Cisco announced on Wednesday that they wll be planning on laying off up to 5,500 employees that pertain to their network and router hardware. Previous to the announcement, Cisco was rumored to layoff 9,000 to 14,000 employees globally, who were being offered early retirement packages. 

Arista Networks Files Antitrust Claims in Countersuit Against Cisco Systems

On Monday, January 25, 2016, Arista Networks alleged that Cisco Systems is engaged in anti-competitive practices. Arista claims that Cisco has been price-gouging customers that purchased alternative network switches by charging higher fees through SMARTnet maintenance.

Switch, Switches, and More Switches… How to Choose

When it comes to switches nobody ever wants to make one, but luckily in the networking world “switches” are a good thing.  The problem only lies in deciding which one to choose.  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just walking into the store, looking for the best looking switch, and grabbing it off the shelf.  With so many choices and features the task of sorting through, narrowing it down and finally taking the plunge can be daunting.  Here are a few considerations to make the task a little bit easier.

SDN - Networking Extreme Makeover Has Cisco and Juniper Scurrying

If you haven’t heard of it yet and you’re in computer networking, it’s likely that you will soon.  Software-defined networking (SDN) is taking the industry by storm and promising to change the way computer networks are managed in the future.  It’s refashioning the data center and creating an onset of start-ups that are forcing old-guard vendors like Cisco and Juniper to scurry to keep up.

Cisco "Industrializes the Internet" with IE 2000 Switch Series

Cisco this week unveiled an updated line of Ethernet switches at the Hanover Messe Industrial Automation trade fair in Germany this week.  Cisco has reinforced its commitment to the industrialization of the Internet with this new series of switches aimed squarely at the industrial market.  The IE 2000 series is an extension of Cisco's current industrial Ethernet product lines, the Catalyst 2955 and the IE 3000 series. They are intended to address the expansion of machine-to-machine communications on factory floors and in other industrial environments.

Cisco Offered $1 for WebEx in Marketing Stunt

Many couldn't help but chuckle when venture backed, two-year-old startup SalesCruch recently offered Cisco $1 - yes, you read that correctly, that's one dollar - plus 15 percent in the online meeting platform to take WebEx off its hands.  SalesCrunch officials submitted this unsolicited bid on March 13th in an effort to "help" the networking giant further focus on its core business and stated that Cisco and WebEx's more than 5 million users will all benefit.   Cisco didn't take the offer very seriously, however, releasing a brief statement in response that said, "This is a cute publicity stunt from SalesCrunch, and we appreciate that they like our technology, but we have no intention of selling WebEx."  

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