Can Chambers Turn Cisco Around Before Retirement

In November, just a few months back, John Chambers, Cisco’s CEO announced a rough timetable of his retirement.  With 19 years at Cisco’s helm Chambers is the 5th longest serving CEO in the technology world.  Chamber’s believes he will retire sometime in the next two to four years.  Within that time period, Chambers would like nothing more than to turn things around for Cisco.   

Heartbleed Bug Catches Cisco and Juniper in its Grasps

Last week on April 7th the web was rocked by a security bug called Heartbleed.  It’s a flaw in a commonly used security system, OpenSSL, which nearly two-thirds of all websites globally out there use to keep information secure.  The media has had a field day with this news and unless you live under a rock you’ve probably already heard about the Heartbleed Bug or seen its logo.  The flaw in the system lets attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail, and some VPN communications.  Not only are servers using OpenSSL affected by this vulnerability, network gear from Cisco and Juniper Networks using OpenSSL are affected as well. 

Cisco and Spherix Go Head to Head in Nortel Patent Lawsuit

Cisco finds itself in another legal patent battle.  Spherix, a research and intellectual property firm, has filed a lawsuit against Cisco for allegedly infringing its patents relating to data center switches and routers.  Spherix bought these patents from Nortel in 2009, and is claiming that Cisco has been knowingly violating 11 of these Nortel patents.  The ones in the dispute relate to a portfolio Spherix acquired from Nortel for $4.5 billion.  Cozen O’Connor filed the suit on behalf of Spherix on March 24th in the Delaware federal court. 

Dynamic Duo, Facebook and Cisco, Team Up to Provide You Free Wi-Fi

It’s an inevitable situation…you’re stuck in a store, hotel, or restaurant trying to search up something online... you have terrible cell reception and no Wi-Fi.  It’s happened to the best of us, and it’s exasperating watching, and waiting as nothing loads.  Fortunately, Cisco and Jasper have teamed up to provide a solution that seems to fit the bill.  Restaurants, hotels, and other businesses are spending a lot to provide customers with free Wi-Fi.  Facebook and Cisco have teamed up to help recoup those costs by asking users to check-in to get Internet access.

Cisco Viop Phone Hack: Other’s May Be Listening Through Your Phone

At the 29th Chaos Communications Congress (29C3) on Dec 27th – 30th, 2012 one topic caught our eye and seemed to standout a little more than the rest.  Ang Cui and Michael Costello presented “Hacking Cisco Phones: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean your phone isn't listening to everything you say,” making a convincing argument to worry if you’re a Cisco Viop user.  During the presentation they warned DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded researchers in the audience as Cui and Costello demonstrated how they could remotely turn on a phone’s microphone and eavesdrop on  your private in office, off-phone conversation from anywhere in the world.  And to make matters worse, if the phone is enabled with a webcam, they could even turn that on without anyone being the wiser.

Cisco Chooses its First U.S. Iconic Smart+Connected Community

While it might be a tad reminiscent of The Truman Show, complete with hidden cameras at every corner, Cisco has announced its first Iconic Smart+Connected City, Lake Nona Community of Orlando, Florida and it’s pretty darn impressive.  The Monday, October 23, 2012 announcement makes Lake Nona technology giant Cisco’s, first Iconic Smart+Connected City.  Lake Nona - a 7,000-acre master planned community within the city limits of Orlando will be a 15 year project for Cisco and Bahamas-based private investment firm Tavistock Group. They plan to turn Lake Nona into a modern day "Aerotropolis," or an urban area whose economy is centered around an international airport, and the global workforce that enter and leave through it.

What’s Cisco’s Big Deal with Big Data?

The world we live in today is one of intense digital information that is expanding at a rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day!   Don’t believe me?  Just think about this… YouTube alone has 60 hours of new video data uploaded every minute.  There are over 700,000 messages being delivered on Facebook every minute, and 175,000 Tweets are sent on Twitter every 60 seconds.  Now that’s a lot of data, but it doesn’t even account for the majority of the world’s data. In fact 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years alone!  It’s no wonder they call this phenomenon “Big Data”. 

Cisco and VMware Get Hitched

Apparently, Cisco and VMware go together like “peas and carrots,” and have recently decided to tighten their connection.  Of course, they’ve been together for some time; but in August at VMworld 2012 they announced that the connection between the two firms will deepen, and their honeymoon destination seems to be the Cloud.

How Cisco is Weathering the London Olympics

Each time I get a push notification on my phone from my handy dandy NBC Olympic app I think about Cisco and I’m astounded by the ever-changing technology that surrounds us.  They are calling it the Digital Olympics in London, and there’s good reason to do so.    In the palm of my hand I can see minute to minute updates of the latest in breaking Olympic news, videos, photos, medal counts, athlete bios, and wait… yes, even watch my favorite (swimming – Go Phelps!) Olympic events live!  And while I may be cozily sitting in my office watching the Olympics on my phone – ah, I mean working… there are many “Cisco-ians” fast at work making it all possible in London.

Cisco Raises the Roof at the 2012 Summer Olympics

We are often found ragging on Cisco for its dirty big business antics, but this time the tables are turned and we applaud them.  Cisco will be alive and well at the Olympics this summer in London.  Cisco is a key sponsor and the proud supporter and network infrastructure provider for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  And from the looks of what they’ve accomplished so far, Cisco has been hard at work for a while getting London ready for the games.

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