What will turn Cisco’s $43 billion business into a $22 billion business?

Julie Bort at Business Insider reported that on Nov. 6, Cisco will show its Software Defined Networking (SDN) Product which it has been developing through it super-secret startup Insieme Networks.

Planning for Sequestration – Time Tested Tips for Handling Deep Budget Cuts to IT

Private industry has had decades of experience surviving downturns and bankruptcies while still maintaining a healthy IT environment. Government agencies, particularly DOD, and DHS are unaccustomed to real cost cutting, and may need some help learning how to get by with less, perhaps a LOT less.

Cisco and VMware Get Hitched

Apparently, Cisco and VMware go together like “peas and carrots,” and have recently decided to tighten their connection.  Of course, they’ve been together for some time; but in August at VMworld 2012 they announced that the connection between the two firms will deepen, and their honeymoon destination seems to be the Cloud.

The latest on 2012 Federal IT Spending Trends

The 2012 Federal IT budget request is approximately $80.9 billion, of which 52 percent is civilian and 48 percent is defense. In 2011, the IT budget was $78.8 billion.

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