Top 3 reasons why IT Procurement, Data Center Ops, and ITAM should collaborate

From our past blogs, you’ve likely begun to understand Hardware Lifecycle Management, as well as the fiscal impacts from adopting a Hybrid Hardware Support model.

Why are Data Center Ops Experts Now So Rarely Involved in Hardware Support Vendor Vetting?

Why has hardware support vendor vetting been reduced to a “price-only” methodology? Is “uptime” and MTTR no longer important?

What really happened over the last ten years? Prior to current practices, data center hardware and hardware infrastructure experts were heavily involved in the procurement of hardware support – particularly when it applied to independent support for post-warranty hardware assets. During the vetting process, it was you who asked the really good questions and absolutely knew how to mitigate risk for mission-critical assets. You knew well how to discern critical from non-critical assets. You knew the questions to ask to ensure vendors being vetted had established:

Heating Things Up in Your Data Center

As I sit here in front of my computer, chilled to the bone with my scarf and gloves still on, the idea of heating things up in the data center sounds pretty appealing.  Not only will this keep you from freezing while you’re working in there, you can also receive a huge financial reprieve as well.  Raising the temperature in your data center can save big money on power costs as long as you don’t nudge it too high. 

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