Data Center OEM Weekly News on Cisco, Juniper and more

Cisco is salivating over the news from Huawei's VP Eric Xu that "Huawei is no longer interested in in the U.S. market anymore." As you may recall Huawei has had difficulty with the U.S. government's hardline stance towards Huawei due to its Chinese military ties. Xu said that Huawei is downward revising its 2017 enterprise sales to $10B which is below its prior goal of $15B. Huawei finished 2012 with enterprise sales of $1.9B. This is sure to boost Cisco's stock price.

5 Tips to Avoid IT Headaches During a Merger or Acquisition

With the economy slowly on the rise, investors are regaining confidence and global mergers and acquisitions have begun to materialize once again.  With this growth IT departments play an increasingly larger role as technology has become the heart of most organizations and it touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations.  Many of these functions are mission-critical requiring much of an IT department during the merger/acquisition process.

Data Centers – Where Does All the Energy Go?

Today’s on-demand society assumes nearly universal immediate access to real-time data and analytics in a resilient, secure environment. Anything short of that standard is unacceptable. These demands are being driven by a proliferation of data sources, mobile devices, radio frequency identification systems, unified communications, Web 2.0 services and technologies such as mashups. These rising expectations are creating demands of data centers that IT administrators are challenged to satisfy.  The impact of rising data center energy consumption and rising energy costs has elevated the importance of data center efficiency as a strategy to reduce costs, manage capacity and promote environmental responsibility.

Facebook Opens Second Data Center

Facebook opened their second data center yesterday, April 19th, in red carpet style in Forest City, North Carolina.  Facebook’s Vice President of Site Operations Tom Furlong and Data Center Manager George Henry joined NC Deputy Commerce Secretary Dale Carroll, members of the legislative delegation, Rutherford County Commission Chair Julius Owens, Forest City Mayor Dennis Tarlton, and more than 300 “friends” for a celebration at the facility.

Is HP’s uncertainty an advantage for Dell Computers?

Micheal Dell was recently interviewed at Web 2.0 Summit in San Franciso, and reiterated from his OpenWorld 2011 speech that Dell has evolved from “a product company to a services and solutions company” over the last 15 years and has over 100,000 partners and growing.

Top 10 best practices for HPC data center relocations

Top 10 best practices for HPC Data Center Relocations

There are many reasons that a company or institution might need to move a large computer system.  New equipment might necessitate the currently installed systems being relocated within the same data center to provide space.  Leases expire, facilities close, corporate headquarters move, grants end, and new data centers are built making it either necessary or desirable to move a system or a data center to a new location.  Whatever the reason, moving a large HPC installation is a massive undertaking that can fall anywhere between a nightmarish disaster to a relatively painless process. 

3 Ways Federal Agencies Can Cut Budgets by 10% (Part 2)

2.     Government needs to stay on course with closing 800 data centers by 2015

The Federal Government’s goal is to shut 40 percent of its computer data centers over the next four years by modernizing the way it uses computers to manage data and provide services to citizens.

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