Heating Things Up in Your Data Center

As I sit here in front of my computer, chilled to the bone with my scarf and gloves still on, the idea of heating things up in the data center sounds pretty appealing.  Not only will this keep you from freezing while you’re working in there, you can also receive a huge financial reprieve as well.  Raising the temperature in your data center can save big money on power costs as long as you don’t nudge it too high. 

How to perform a Data Center Cooling System Health Check

I recently took my daughter to the doctor for a check-up and it got me thinking.  Just as humans need check-ups, data centers need regular health check-ups too.  If you’ve ever been to the doctor for a physical exam you know that they inspect inside every nook and cranny of you to make sure everything is working in tip top condition.  Data center cooling systems are no different; they need regular inspections to keep them up and running at optimal speed.

3 Things Your CIO Can Learn From The NFL....

What Do Brett Favre and Your IT Department Have In Common?

5 Tips to Avoid IT Headaches During a Merger or Acquisition

With the economy slowly on the rise, investors are regaining confidence and global mergers and acquisitions have begun to materialize once again.  With this growth IT departments play an increasingly larger role as technology has become the heart of most organizations and it touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations.  Many of these functions are mission-critical requiring much of an IT department during the merger/acquisition process.

Data Centers – Where Does All the Energy Go?

Today’s on-demand society assumes nearly universal immediate access to real-time data and analytics in a resilient, secure environment. Anything short of that standard is unacceptable. These demands are being driven by a proliferation of data sources, mobile devices, radio frequency identification systems, unified communications, Web 2.0 services and technologies such as mashups. These rising expectations are creating demands of data centers that IT administrators are challenged to satisfy.  The impact of rising data center energy consumption and rising energy costs has elevated the importance of data center efficiency as a strategy to reduce costs, manage capacity and promote environmental responsibility.

Facebook Opens Second Data Center

Facebook opened their second data center yesterday, April 19th, in red carpet style in Forest City, North Carolina.  Facebook’s Vice President of Site Operations Tom Furlong and Data Center Manager George Henry joined NC Deputy Commerce Secretary Dale Carroll, members of the legislative delegation, Rutherford County Commission Chair Julius Owens, Forest City Mayor Dennis Tarlton, and more than 300 “friends” for a celebration at the facility.

IBM Launches PureSystems and Lowers the Cost of IT Operations

IBM rolled out a game changer in the IT arena this week with the unveiling  a new line of integrated systems called PureSystems.  PureSystems is designed to centralize the management of IT infrastructure.  This is IBM’s first offering in a brand new system category from IBM — a new class of systems known as "Expert Integrated Systems."

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