Goodwill and Dell, Inc. Exports Toxic Electronic Waste to Developing Countries

Basel Action Network (BAN), an international toxic trade watchdog organization, released a new two-year study that involved placing electronic GPS tracking devices into old hazardous electronic equipment and then monitoring their location as they travelled across the globe. The results show that many of these electronic waste (e-waste) end up in Asia. 

Facebook bypasses Dell, HP, IBM & Cisco and makes their own servers

What Facebook has done to the hardware market is dramatic

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM & Cisco sell over $100 billion in hardware each year. This total includes servers, storage and networking products. If you add to that security and data analytic systems and enterprise software, that figure goes way up.

Buyer's Guide to Digital Electronic Equipment: No strings attached

Many products with digital parts are sold with “strings” designed to lock buyers into high-margin post-purchase contracts for such things as “Support”, “Maintenance”, and “Upgrades”.  Some contracts are so intertwined into the purchase that buyers are forced to replace fully functional equipment on a schedule dictated by the manufacturer.

This blog allows you to learn how you can protect yourself from policies that limit your exposure to hidden permission issues that threaten your right of ownership and create nonessential replacement costs. 

Microsoft’s Surface has IT departments all a Buzz

Microsoft’s announcement of their Surface tablet on Monday has sent a buzz through enterprise IT departments.  Those who have been eagerly awaiting a Microsoft-compatible tablet for business uses now have a solid solution in sight.  This imaginative and intelligently designed device may be the most innovative PC the world has ever seen.

IBM toppled HP for server market share in 3Q11 & other trends

It’s always interesting to track worldwide server shipments and revenue. According to Gartner, shipments grew 7.2% year-over-year and revenue from server shipments grew 5.2%.

Is HP’s uncertainty an advantage for Dell Computers?

Micheal Dell was recently interviewed at Web 2.0 Summit in San Franciso, and reiterated from his OpenWorld 2011 speech that Dell has evolved from “a product company to a services and solutions company” over the last 15 years and has over 100,000 partners and growing.

Top 10 best practices for HPC data center relocations

Top 10 best practices for HPC Data Center Relocations

There are many reasons that a company or institution might need to move a large computer system.  New equipment might necessitate the currently installed systems being relocated within the same data center to provide space.  Leases expire, facilities close, corporate headquarters move, grants end, and new data centers are built making it either necessary or desirable to move a system or a data center to a new location.  Whatever the reason, moving a large HPC installation is a massive undertaking that can fall anywhere between a nightmarish disaster to a relatively painless process. 

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