3 Things Your CIO Can Learn From The NFL....

What Do Brett Favre and Your IT Department Have In Common?

Server Consolidation Checklist

It’s no surprise; the economy has been in a downward spiral for some time now.  In fact, nearly every industry has been affected by it to some extent.  But, for corporate data centers there’s no doubt that the implications of cost and efficiency will weigh heavily long after the current economic downturn ends.  So, what’s the best way to consolidate servers and avoid unwanted wasted resources? 

5 Tips to Avoid IT Headaches During a Merger or Acquisition

With the economy slowly on the rise, investors are regaining confidence and global mergers and acquisitions have begun to materialize once again.  With this growth IT departments play an increasingly larger role as technology has become the heart of most organizations and it touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations.  Many of these functions are mission-critical requiring much of an IT department during the merger/acquisition process.

End-of-Life Cisco Switches and Routers: Now What?

CTOs and other IT professionals charged with managing the company's network and technology undoubtedly need to be budget-conscious when selecting hardware. Many organizations select Cisco as their preferred manufacturer for switches and routers, and find that the hardware does the job well. However, a short ways down the road, you learn that the equipment which has suited the business's requirements so well, is being declared end-of-life (EOL)--meaning that the manufacturer will only provide software support for another 1-5 years, but hardware support won't be covered. In the past, this forced customers to cut budgets in other important areas in order to procure new hardware.

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