Will Cisco and others survive amidst SDN and Cloud Computing?

Pierre Ferragu of Bernstein Research covered six networking vendors rating them on their market performance.  Cisco Systems, Ubiquity Networks, and F5 Networks all received a market performance rating of “Outperform”.  Juniper was given a “Neutral Market Perform” rating, and Aruba and Ruckas were given a rating of “Underperform”.

Can DNA tagging solve the problem of how to spot Counterfeit Electronics?

DNA tagging technology, recently described by Fox News has clear potential to help electronic supply chains police their own goods. The sooner this technology is deployed by manufacturers supplying to major markets, and not just to the DOD, the better.  End users should be aware that this technology exists and demand that their vendors utilize this process. (Or alternatives with similar advantages)

Hurricane Sandy exposes major weakness in networks

Hurricane Sandy exposes major weaknesses in mobile network architecture for consumers and business.

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