Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up with the OEM for Maintenance and Support

They're just not that into you.

In the beginning, they seemed so loving and caring. As time passed, they became more and more demanding of your time and money.  They started draining you of your resources. They started making ultimatums. Does this sound like the relationship between you and your original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Read on to find out the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your OEM for Maintenance and Support.

5 Companies Prevail Despite Cisco's Authority

There have been many companies that have tried to compete with the great
Cisco and failed.  Nortel, Aruba Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, and 3com just to name a few have all tried to go toe-to-toe with Cisco and have been left in the dust.  On the other hand, there have been a select few who have managed to thrive despite Cisco’s obvious dominance.  Here are 5 that have prevailed… 


Buyer's Guide to Digital Electronic Equipment: No strings attached

Many products with digital parts are sold with “strings” designed to lock buyers into high-margin post-purchase contracts for such things as “Support”, “Maintenance”, and “Upgrades”.  Some contracts are so intertwined into the purchase that buyers are forced to replace fully functional equipment on a schedule dictated by the manufacturer.

This blog allows you to learn how you can protect yourself from policies that limit your exposure to hidden permission issues that threaten your right of ownership and create nonessential replacement costs. 

Riddle: Q. When is the “Cloud” not a “Cloud”? A. When It’s Wet.

Cloud services, be they private clouds, public clouds, or even traditional hosted services are themselves just as vulnerable as ordinary data centers to infrastructure problems of water, power, access, and adequate disaster backup.  Hurricane Sandy has taken an unexpected toll on Cloud services, highlighting the importance of picking the physical location of the underlying assets.

Are Networking Companies like Cisco ready for the iPhone 5?

While the iPhone 5 might be all the rage because it sold out in just a few hours, you might be tempted to over look what the real story is all about.   Money, yes of course it’s always about money.  But, perhaps investors have overlooked where the real money is.  Yes, it seems that everyone is racing to be a part of the iphone billion-dollar industry, but where the real money may be hiding is in the networks built by companies like Cisco and F5 Networks that carry all that iphone data!

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