Server sales drop again in Q3, traditional OEMs like IBM losing market share

Worldwide Server sales dropped from $12.559 Billion to $12.085 Billion through 3Q13 compared with 3Q12. That’s a smaller decline than 2Q13 YOY which was a 6.2% drop.

There’s Big Money to be made in Network Security

Have you ever been the victim of a network security breach?  Has your identity ever been stolen, or have hackers compromised your entity’s valuable data?  Just this week I got an email from Google telling me that someone tried to sign in to my daughter’s Gmail account.  Does this look familiar…

Facebook bypasses Dell, HP, IBM & Cisco and makes their own servers

What Facebook has done to the hardware market is dramatic

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM & Cisco sell over $100 billion in hardware each year. This total includes servers, storage and networking products. If you add to that security and data analytic systems and enterprise software, that figure goes way up.

Data Center OEM Weekly News on Cisco, Juniper and more

Cisco is salivating over the news from Huawei's VP Eric Xu that "Huawei is no longer interested in in the U.S. market anymore." As you may recall Huawei has had difficulty with the U.S. government's hardline stance towards Huawei due to its Chinese military ties. Xu said that Huawei is downward revising its 2017 enterprise sales to $10B which is below its prior goal of $15B. Huawei finished 2012 with enterprise sales of $1.9B. This is sure to boost Cisco's stock price.

GAO Skewers IT Operations and IT Maintenance Investments

The October 2012 report on Oversight in IT spending from the GAO was recently discussed in an article by Jack Moore. The GAO slammed many agencies for failing to provide reporting on how they spent billions on IT functions.  Clearly many agencies simply ignored Congressional reporting mandates, which make IT management at the top level nearly impossible.

2013 Networking Technology Future is Headed Toward SDN - Software Defined Networking

While 2012 was nothing short of a technology miracle, 2013 promises to be even better.  A few months back we posted an article on the extraordinary job Cisco did at the Olympics this summer as the official network provider.  In fact, more than 4.8 billion people watched the event, with digital viewers outnumbering traditional television viewers for the first time in history, clearly showing how technology dependent we have all become.  Undoubtedly, the impressive technology trend will continue in 2013.

First Sale Doctrine Update: Stephen Colbert comedic interpretation

Legal savant and comedian Stephen Colbert on 11.26.12 did a segment on a literal “Text Book Case” argued in October in front of the Supreme Court pitting textbook manufacturer Wiley & Sons against an entrepreneurial foreign student Kirtsaeng.  Colbert uses his genius to deftly explain the issues and consequences of how a ruling in favor of Wiley would make many used transactions, including garage sales, illegal.   Take 5 minutes to watch the segment.

Can DNA tagging solve the problem of how to spot Counterfeit Electronics?

DNA tagging technology, recently described by Fox News has clear potential to help electronic supply chains police their own goods. The sooner this technology is deployed by manufacturers supplying to major markets, and not just to the DOD, the better.  End users should be aware that this technology exists and demand that their vendors utilize this process. (Or alternatives with similar advantages)

Riddle: Q. When is the “Cloud” not a “Cloud”? A. When It’s Wet.

Cloud services, be they private clouds, public clouds, or even traditional hosted services are themselves just as vulnerable as ordinary data centers to infrastructure problems of water, power, access, and adequate disaster backup.  Hurricane Sandy has taken an unexpected toll on Cloud services, highlighting the importance of picking the physical location of the underlying assets.

Microsoft’s Surface has IT departments all a Buzz

Microsoft’s announcement of their Surface tablet on Monday has sent a buzz through enterprise IT departments.  Those who have been eagerly awaiting a Microsoft-compatible tablet for business uses now have a solid solution in sight.  This imaginative and intelligently designed device may be the most innovative PC the world has ever seen.

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