Server sales drop again in Q3, traditional OEMs like IBM losing market share

Worldwide Server sales dropped from $12.559 Billion to $12.085 Billion through 3Q13 compared with 3Q12. That’s a smaller decline than 2Q13 YOY which was a 6.2% drop.

Facebook bypasses Dell, HP, IBM & Cisco and makes their own servers

What Facebook has done to the hardware market is dramatic

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM & Cisco sell over $100 billion in hardware each year. This total includes servers, storage and networking products. If you add to that security and data analytic systems and enterprise software, that figure goes way up.

The Great Wall of Copyright Protection - IT Maintenance/Repair

Organizations seeking to better control their Information Technology support costs often seek to take advantage of competitive bidding on support services. This includes not just traditional break-fix, but also broader functions of equipment supply, lifecycle management, and disposal.

GAO Skewers IT Operations and IT Maintenance Investments

The October 2012 report on Oversight in IT spending from the GAO was recently discussed in an article by Jack Moore. The GAO slammed many agencies for failing to provide reporting on how they spent billions on IT functions.  Clearly many agencies simply ignored Congressional reporting mandates, which make IT management at the top level nearly impossible.

Riddle: Q. When is the “Cloud” not a “Cloud”? A. When It’s Wet.

Cloud services, be they private clouds, public clouds, or even traditional hosted services are themselves just as vulnerable as ordinary data centers to infrastructure problems of water, power, access, and adequate disaster backup.  Hurricane Sandy has taken an unexpected toll on Cloud services, highlighting the importance of picking the physical location of the underlying assets.

IBM Launches PureSystems and Lowers the Cost of IT Operations

IBM rolled out a game changer in the IT arena this week with the unveiling  a new line of integrated systems called PureSystems.  PureSystems is designed to centralize the management of IT infrastructure.  This is IBM’s first offering in a brand new system category from IBM — a new class of systems known as "Expert Integrated Systems."

IBM’s Virginia Rometty…Most Talked About Issue At Masters

IBM who pioneered the way of computing with their IBM mainframes and supercomputers seems to be on the horizon of revolution again.  This time it won’t be the world of computing that is impacted, but rather the world of golf.  Virginia Rometty, IBM’s new female CEO, attended the Augusta Masters in a pink jacket, not a green one.  She watched from the gallery on the 18th green Sunday, April 8, 2012 and knew enough about golf to applaud several good shots in the final hole.

IBM Making 33 Cities around the Globe Smarter in 2012

On March 15th, IBM announced 33 cities around the globe that were selected to receive their IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants during 2012.  The program was tested and developed by IBM Citizenship with 7 pilot cities back in 2010.  It was then launched in 2011 as a three-year, 100-city $50 million program.  The Smarter Cities Challenge is IBM’s largest philanthropic initiative yet. 

There's More to Buying IBM Servers than Processing Capabilities

Your business may be defined as small, or you may be a Fortune 500 company, either way your IT needs are more than likely anything but small if you’re considering a  server. Dropping hardware costs have made server technology available to even the smallest businesses, offering centralized data storage and the ability to run complex business applications. 

Nasa Powers Down its Last IBM Mainframe

NASA’s Chief Information Officer, Linda Cureton, announced in a blog on February 11, 2012 that NASA has shut down its last mainframe — the IBM Z9 Mainframe —  a two-ton, 56 square-foot monster running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4), stating, "This month marks the end of an era in NASA computing.”

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