IBM Launches PureSystems and Lowers the Cost of IT Operations

IBM rolled out a game changer in the IT arena this week with the unveiling  a new line of integrated systems called PureSystems.  PureSystems is designed to centralize the management of IT infrastructure.  This is IBM’s first offering in a brand new system category from IBM — a new class of systems known as "Expert Integrated Systems."

There's More to Buying IBM Servers than Processing Capabilities

Your business may be defined as small, or you may be a Fortune 500 company, either way your IT needs are more than likely anything but small if you’re considering a  server. Dropping hardware costs have made server technology available to even the smallest businesses, offering centralized data storage and the ability to run complex business applications. 

Server Virtualization Project Risks

Organizationally, the ability to “go virtual” brings increased productivity and opportunity.  Clearly, more and more of the world we live in is turning virtual.  But, virtualization can be problematic and, as with any project, server virtualization projects have inherent risks associated with them that are no different.  Server virtualization project risks range anywhere from management to security to implementation. 

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