Server Consolidation Checklist

It’s no surprise; the economy has been in a downward spiral for some time now.  In fact, nearly every industry has been affected by it to some extent.  But, for corporate data centers there’s no doubt that the implications of cost and efficiency will weigh heavily long after the current economic downturn ends.  So, what’s the best way to consolidate servers and avoid unwanted wasted resources? 

5 Tips to Avoid IT Headaches During a Merger or Acquisition

With the economy slowly on the rise, investors are regaining confidence and global mergers and acquisitions have begun to materialize once again.  With this growth IT departments play an increasingly larger role as technology has become the heart of most organizations and it touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations.  Many of these functions are mission-critical requiring much of an IT department during the merger/acquisition process.

Go Green – Consider IT Asset Recovery/Recycling

As legislation cracks down on the disposal of older, outdated network and data center assets, many executives are asking why it’s important to consider IT asset recycling.  The majority of businesses don't have the necessary resources or know how to carry out disposal of their IT equipment in a reliable and secure manner, they are considering IT asset recycling services. These services can make sure that important data is disposed of in a secure manner and your equipment is disposed of in an environmentally correct way.

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