Top 3 Myths About Third Party Service Debunked

Traditional OEM service level agreements are not meeting the rapid and changing needs of most businesses. In a recent Forrester study, over 70 percent of IT managers acknowledge being attracted to third-party maintenance arrangements because of exorbitant OEM pricing and contract entitlement issues. But, despite the growing shift away from traditional OEM service level agreements, many companies still remain leery of third party service contracts for three reasons.

Alcatel's 7950 Router Storms the Market

Recently Alcatel introduced a new line of routers that threatens to give Cisco and Juniper a run for their money.  On May 22, 2012 Alcatel unveiled a new family of Internet core routers that they have been diligently working on for the past three years.  This revolutionary technology promises to be the most innovative and powerful product currently in the industry.  The new 7950 line will enhance network operations and prepare their core networks to embrace the rapid expansion of smartphone and tablets, the conversion to cloud applications, and the fast growing video market.

Cisco’s ASR 5500 May Affect Your Smartphone User Experience

Thanks to Cisco, you may now be able to watch your favorite YouTube or Netflix movie without the annoying “buffering” delays.  On Tuesday, June 5th, Cisco announced a new tool, the ASR 5500, which will let carriers sift through and prioritize the traffic flooding their networks.

5 Network Companies Set To Soar With Increasing Technology Spending

With Wall Street having a strong rally in stocks that began in October, there is now renewed optimism that technology spending has also returned.  According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the giant technology intelligence firm, tech spending rose 5% in 2011, and is expected to rise another 5% in 2012.  When IT budgets start to increase, very few companies beyond those directly involved in networking are more deserving of those dollars.  Undoubtedly, the increased spending will produce resurgence in some of the technology sector's biggest names.

Juniper Meets the Needs of High-Performance Business

Today’s business environment is becoming more dynamic and competitive with the increases in information technology.  The pace of change has accelerated and is fundamentally altering today’s business models.  With corporate expansions, IT departments are being asked to support a more distributed enterprise, enable new business processes to improve employee efficiency, and lower infrastructure costs.

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