Apple Faces $1.6 Billion Proview Lawsuit Over iPad Name

Proview International Holdings Ltd., a debt-laden Chinese technology firm, claims it has ownership of the iPad trademark in China.  Proview Technology in Shenzhen registered the iPad trademark in China in 2001. Apple bought rights to the name from a Taiwan affiliate, Proview Taipei, but the mainland company says it still owns the name in China.  Carolyn Wu, Apple’s Beijing-based spokeswoman, said Apple bought Proview’s worldwide rights in 2009 to the iPad trademark in 10 countries, including China.

3 Ways Federal Agencies Can Cut Budgets by 10% (Final - Part 3)

 3.     Federal Agencies can save 40% by buying Refurbished IT Products

When GSA issued Refresh #23 to the IT Schedule 70 on March 31st, 2009 it incorporated several changes including - The title and scope of SIN 132-8 was changed to Purchase of New Equipment to accommodate the addition of new SIN 132-9, Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment.

Evaluating an Independent I.T. Dealer - for IBM, HP, Sun, Cisco...

IT operating budgets continue to stagnate or shrink, decisions makers in the IT world are looking at independent IT dealers as a way to cut both investment and maintenance costs. They’re continuing to find that OEM solutions, while robust, are often cumbersome and expensive. But, as purchasers and managers begin to survey the independent IT dealer market, their commitment to third party or alternative vendors can begin to waver. Letting go of brand loyalties can be difficult, even if you know that it is holding your organization back. There are excellent alternatives for the more expensive brands including: IBM, HP, Sun, SGi, Cisco equipment and others.

Refurbishing IT Hardware on a Budget

As value-conscious IT professionals in every market continue to control and minimize operating expenses in a tough economic climate, many examine the option of refurbishing or buying refurbished IT hardware. But, while most IT buyers are aware of refurbishment as a real way to control costs, Forrester research says that most do not actively pursue refurbishment options. One of the major contributing factors is that Cisco, with 70% market penetration in IT hardware and 90% of the support market for that hardware, does not support legacy equipment. However, whether it is a part of a “green” initiative, or is a simply way to cut operating costs due to board pressure, there are several reasons that refurbishing and buying refurbished IT hardware is a safe, secure, effective, and above all value-driven solution for any IT department.

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