Myth Busters: Common Myths about Third-Party IT Maintenance

In the not so far distant past the world was roaring, and “rolling in the dough” so to speak; and third party IT maintenance was not very high up on the food chain.  But lately, there hasn’t been as much “dough rolling,” and many organizations are turning to 3rd party IT maintenance to accommodate severe budget constraints and reductions in capital expenditures.  Companies have been forced to retain equipment for longer periods of time, and organizations are doing more with less.  What they are finding out is with third-party IT maintenance they can actually limit their service expenditures without compromising uptime or performance. 

What does IT Maintenance have to do with Hurricane Isaac?

If you’re connected to what’s going on in the world at all you’ve probably heard there is a hurricane brewing just off the coast of Florida and headed straight for the Republican National Convention!  Well, maybe.  As I was watching the news last night, listening to the latest updates and predictions of where tropical storm Isaac was headed, my own thoughts likewise started brewing.  An idea began to formulate about how similar IT network maintenance and hurricanes really are!

CIOs Are Not Ready To Switch Networking Gear


If it wasn't common knowledge before that Cisco and other big OEMs force customers into buying new equipment before ready or corner them into OEM maintenance contracts, it may be now.  The Wall Street Journal posted the following yesterday June 26, 2012 bringing to the attention of the public just what big OEM's like Cisco are trying to do... 


Microsoft’s Surface has IT departments all a Buzz

Microsoft’s announcement of their Surface tablet on Monday has sent a buzz through enterprise IT departments.  Those who have been eagerly awaiting a Microsoft-compatible tablet for business uses now have a solid solution in sight.  This imaginative and intelligently designed device may be the most innovative PC the world has ever seen.

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