Myth Busters: Common Myths about Third-Party IT Maintenance

In the not so far distant past the world was roaring, and “rolling in the dough” so to speak; and third party IT maintenance was not very high up on the food chain.  But lately, there hasn’t been as much “dough rolling,” and many organizations are turning to 3rd party IT maintenance to accommodate severe budget constraints and reductions in capital expenditures.  Companies have been forced to retain equipment for longer periods of time, and organizations are doing more with less.  What they are finding out is with third-party IT maintenance they can actually limit their service expenditures without compromising uptime or performance. 

Survey concludes declining federal IT spending over the next 5 years

A recently conducted survey suggests the possibility that total federal IT spending will be stagnant over the next 5 years.  This survey goes on to point out that new federal budgetary cuts and austerity legislation are partly to blame for the stagnation.  This news leads some to worry that the recent uptick in government contracting IT activity will be further strangled as a result, and may force a currently booming economic sector into a state of torpidity.  If these survey results hold true, it may severely impact private sector business relations with DOD agencies.  However, this necessity to stay at a familiar spending level may increase the amount of research and development that civilian agencies put in to finding technologies that “both cut costs, and improve operations” to deal with the current situation.  

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