Facebook bypasses Dell, HP, IBM & Cisco and makes their own servers

What Facebook has done to the hardware market is dramatic

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM & Cisco sell over $100 billion in hardware each year. This total includes servers, storage and networking products. If you add to that security and data analytic systems and enterprise software, that figure goes way up.

3 Things Your CIO Can Learn From The NFL....

What Do Brett Favre and Your IT Department Have In Common?

Data Center OEM Weekly News on Cisco, Juniper and more

Cisco is salivating over the news from Huawei's VP Eric Xu that "Huawei is no longer interested in in the U.S. market anymore." As you may recall Huawei has had difficulty with the U.S. government's hardline stance towards Huawei due to its Chinese military ties. Xu said that Huawei is downward revising its 2017 enterprise sales to $10B which is below its prior goal of $15B. Huawei finished 2012 with enterprise sales of $1.9B. This is sure to boost Cisco's stock price.

Myth Busters: Common Myths about Third-Party IT Maintenance

In the not so far distant past the world was roaring, and “rolling in the dough” so to speak; and third party IT maintenance was not very high up on the food chain.  But lately, there hasn’t been as much “dough rolling,” and many organizations are turning to 3rd party IT maintenance to accommodate severe budget constraints and reductions in capital expenditures.  Companies have been forced to retain equipment for longer periods of time, and organizations are doing more with less.  What they are finding out is with third-party IT maintenance they can actually limit their service expenditures without compromising uptime or performance. 

The Great Wall of Copyright Protection - IT Maintenance/Repair

Organizations seeking to better control their Information Technology support costs often seek to take advantage of competitive bidding on support services. This includes not just traditional break-fix, but also broader functions of equipment supply, lifecycle management, and disposal.

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