Explore the FACTS Around Counterfeit Hardware & Parts – The OEMs are Building Only Half the Picture

Do you believe everything the OEM says about the independent market for data center hardware and parts? Critical thinking and reviewing the facts can save millions from IT budgets!

Healthcare IT: Discovering Gold within the Independent IT Support Community

You may not be completely familiar with this concept, but there exists a small (but, rapidly growing) industry of independent IT support providers all around the world. They are NOT the OEM, nor are they fiscally attached to any OEM. Such independence permits this unique industry to be free from OEM tech refresh strategies or any other sales tactic that does not directly serve your healthcare organization’s best interests.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up with the OEM for Maintenance and Support

They're just not that into you.

In the beginning, they seemed so loving and caring. As time passed, they became more and more demanding of your time and money.  They started draining you of your resources. They started making ultimatums. Does this sound like the relationship between you and your original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Read on to find out the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your OEM for Maintenance and Support.

Server sales drop again in Q3, traditional OEMs like IBM losing market share

Worldwide Server sales dropped from $12.559 Billion to $12.085 Billion through 3Q13 compared with 3Q12. That’s a smaller decline than 2Q13 YOY which was a 6.2% drop.

Hardware Maintenance in the Digital World

Hardware maintenance is a physical process.  When a connection is broken, severed, or jostled loose – someone must reconnect the wire. When a circuit board is damaged by heat or moisture, someone must replace the board to return the unit to service. None of this has changed since the ENIAC (1st computer) began the computer era.  The concept of logic gates created with plug boards are still in use – only the production method has changed to switch from very large wires to printing tiny wires into a silicon wafer.

The Great Wall of Copyright Protection - IT Maintenance/Repair

Organizations seeking to better control their Information Technology support costs often seek to take advantage of competitive bidding on support services. This includes not just traditional break-fix, but also broader functions of equipment supply, lifecycle management, and disposal.

Can DNA tagging solve the problem of how to spot Counterfeit Electronics?

DNA tagging technology, recently described by Fox News has clear potential to help electronic supply chains police their own goods. The sooner this technology is deployed by manufacturers supplying to major markets, and not just to the DOD, the better.  End users should be aware that this technology exists and demand that their vendors utilize this process. (Or alternatives with similar advantages)

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