Oracle Rocks Hardware Sells

Last quarter Oracle reported its first ever year-over-year revenue growth for its hardware unit.  It’s been a long and dusty road to get there, but in fiscal Q3 which ended Feb. 28th they reported growth of 8%.  And, it looks as though the once fading hardware side of Oracle’s business has been revived and may continue to see steady growth.  Brian White, an analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald, says the growth will likely continue stating, "The Exa series — their engineered-systems business — is on fire.  The engineered-systems business is where the excitement is." 

ComputerWorld: Buried in Software Licensing

This is a fantastic article we found on about the rising costs of enterprise level software that is wreaking havoc on IT budgets around the world.  Here's how IT organizations are breaking free.

Riddle: Q. When is the “Cloud” not a “Cloud”? A. When It’s Wet.

Cloud services, be they private clouds, public clouds, or even traditional hosted services are themselves just as vulnerable as ordinary data centers to infrastructure problems of water, power, access, and adequate disaster backup.  Hurricane Sandy has taken an unexpected toll on Cloud services, highlighting the importance of picking the physical location of the underlying assets.

Oracle Losses EU Software Resale Battle

It’s nothing new these days, but Oracle has been involved in yet another court battle.  This time, the Redwood City, California based Oracle was in Europe trying to prevent a German company from reselling Oracle software licenses.

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