SGI Announces Plans to Slash European Workforce by 25%

Fremont-based Silicon Graphics International has decided to cut 25% of its workforce in Europe in a quest to reduce operating expenses in the economically struggling European region.   This announcement comes just less than a month after the appointment of Jorge Titinger as SGI’s president and chief executive officer.  Along with the 25% of their European workforce that’s reduced will be certain legal entities and SGI offices which will allow for a realignment of staff and operations.

SGI Launches Genomics Marketing Campaign

SGI systems have been used for everything from designing and manufacturing safer and more efficient cars and airplanes to studying global climate change to creating a Pixar film.  It wasn’t until the last 5 years that they made their way into the field of Genomics.  In fact, on February 2,2012 SGI announced that it has initiated a global, integrated marketing campaign targeting genomic researchers and institutions.  With its’ slogan, “Because the world should not have to wait for answers,” the campaign was created with the hopes that they would be able to share information about how SGI high performance computing and storage solutions can improve the speed and scale of genomics research.

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