SGI Announces Plans to Slash European Workforce by 25%

Fremont-based Silicon Graphics International has decided to cut 25% of its workforce in Europe in a quest to reduce operating expenses in the economically struggling European region.   This announcement comes just less than a month after the appointment of Jorge Titinger as SGI’s president and chief executive officer.  Along with the 25% of their European workforce that’s reduced will be certain legal entities and SGI offices which will allow for a realignment of staff and operations.

The last Air Force F-22 Raptor rolls off the production line today

The final F-22 Raptor, the Air Force’s stealth fighter will come of the line at Lockheed’s Marietta, Georgia plant today.

A double dip recession shouldn’t affect HPC Market (SGi, CRAY, Etc.)

The High Performance Computing Market overcame a poor 2009 with a 22 percent growth in 2010. Both IDC and Intersect360 Research predict a consistent 7% growth for the next 5 years reaching a $36B market by 2015. (Image: IDC - HPC Market Share)

2011 Budget Planning Series: I.T. Consolidation, Maintenance & Monitoring

(This is part 1 of a complete series on Budget Planning in 2011 and beyond)
With a new calendar year comes a new fiscal year, a new set of goals and budget challenges for every department in your organization. While CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, and other c-level executives are working together to maintain or improve vital business services, many of the executives focusing on IT budgets make the understandable mistake of limiting their analysis to capital investments and purchasing decisions. However, more progressive professionals, those looking to get more control over their costs in the long term, are looking to other expenses to keep matters under control.

Evaluating an Independent I.T. Dealer - for IBM, HP, Sun, Cisco...

IT operating budgets continue to stagnate or shrink, decisions makers in the IT world are looking at independent IT dealers as a way to cut both investment and maintenance costs. They’re continuing to find that OEM solutions, while robust, are often cumbersome and expensive. But, as purchasers and managers begin to survey the independent IT dealer market, their commitment to third party or alternative vendors can begin to waver. Letting go of brand loyalties can be difficult, even if you know that it is holding your organization back. There are excellent alternatives for the more expensive brands including: IBM, HP, Sun, SGi, Cisco equipment and others.

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