Why Third Party Maintenance Is a Time-Saving Solution

by XSI on January 12, 2017

Managing complex IT systems and assets take time and valuable internal resources. Performing in-depth IT asset audits, upgrading software, troubleshooting IT bugs, and monitoring the overall functioning of your entire IT infrastructure play an important role in any business. Having to rely on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide technical support when things fail can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Leading analysts are all in agreeance that providers offer a unique opportunity for organizations, of all sizes, in all industries to capitalize on measurable cost and time savings. Here are the top five reasons why exploring maintenance contracts with providers can be a viable solution.

Longer Asset Lifecycles
According to Forrester Research, providers are extending the life of the IT infrastructure, helping companies realize significant cost savings and time from having to implement new systems or upgrades before they are truly needed.

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Reduced Downtime

Having systems running, without errors, is a must for corporations, especially those in service-related industries. Many third party maintenance companies provide robust monitoring and tracking systems designed to help prevent equipment and software failures.

Faster Time to Find IT Assets

Providers will often perform a thorough audit of an organization's entire IT infrastructure and review service level agreements in addition to noting the hardware end-of-sale and end-of-support dates. Staying informed of the entire inner workings of your IT network, in real-time, could mean the difference between immediately isolating a technical failure or having to experience a prolonged shutdown.

Quicker Technical Support

Many third party IT service providers offer one technical assistance center, requiring only one number to call when service is needed. And, with cross-vendor network expert teams available around the clock, your complex multi-vendor IT issues are resolved in a fraction of the time.

Third party maintenance agreements have grown in popularity because of the higher operational efficiencies, lower IT costs, and time efficiency they provide organizations.

If reducing IT asset management time is important to your organization, then contact XSi to discuss your IT service needs today at 1-877-548-2836 (US), 1-770-824-3453 (International), or visit our website at http://www.xsnet.com.

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