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Hardware Asset Management, while not as attention-getting as Software Asset Management, has become a rapidly growing subject of interest in the last 14 years. But, has been a part of the conversation for as long as IT asset managers have tried to impact Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or strategically chosen to extend hardware lifecycles for a myriad of logical business reasons. Because hardware costs on average make up 15-20% of the typical company’s total annual IT budget (data per Gartner), we maintain that the subjects surrounding Hardware Asset Management should NOT play second or third fiddle to SAM subjects or general ITAM discussions, but is equally deserving of the spotlight.

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What is Hardware Asset Management? An important component of IT Asset Management (ITAM) practices, we recommend this article from the ITAMReview:

The Importance of Effective HAM (Hardware Asset Management)

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Independent Hardware Maintenance (too often referred to as Third Party Maintenance) plays an integral role to your larger IT Asset Management strategy. We can help you better understand why and how.

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